I’m doing the Halloweensie contest because it scares me!

Happy Halloween 2013!

Happy Halloween 2013! (Microsoft Clipart)

Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way stopped by my blog earlier today and encouraged me to participate in Susanna Leonard Hill’s  2nd Annual Halloweensie Contest. Obviously Nancy doesn’t realize Halloween is my least favorite holiday, as I explained why on my photography website today.But heck, I enjoy a good challenge. Of course, it doesn’t mean I produce good results! The boys and I have been telling Halloween jokes on each other so I decided to use them in this story. Here’s a little Halloween humor for you in less than 100 words and using the words “witch”, “bat” and “trick-or-treat”, if you don’t like the scary part of this holiday so much.

Spooky Laughs

Hi, I’m Hazel, witch in training, and I love to tell jokes. I’ll be practicing them on the trick-or-treating kids tonight. If they guess right, they’ll get candy. Otherwise I’ll scare the heck out of them! Want to hear a few? Here we go!

“Why don’t bats fly under ladders?”
“Because it’s bat luck.”

“What do panda ghosts eat?”

“Why don’t skeletons go to parties?”
“Because they have no body to dance with.”

“What does a ghost call his mom and dad?
“His transparents.”

You’d better remember these because you never know whose door you’ll be knocking on tonight…

35 responses to “I’m doing the Halloweensie contest because it scares me!

  1. Yay! You tossed your witch’s hat into the cauldron! These are very PUNNY. And FUNNY.

    Thanks for playing along. :D

  2. Ha ha! No body. I’m with you…this isn’t my favorite holiday either…probably because I’m not good at sewing costumes, I’m too cheap to buy costumes, and I hate scary things. I do love when little toddlers come to my house dressed up though. They always put a smile on my face (the ugly, bloody teenagers…not so much). I

    • I’m handing out the candy tonight and I’d rather spend the time doing something else uninterrupted. Fortunately I’ll probably have more little ones than teenagers so it should be fun. But that damn spiderweb is coming down tomorrow morning!

  3. Haha. Like the dork I am, I laughed out loud at the Bam-BOO one. It takes very little to amuse me. ;)

    Fun post!

  4. Very cute! I love your Halloween jokes. Nancy said it very well—they’re punny and funny!

  5. Catherine Johnson

    That is super! I love the jokes and feel sorry for those kids if they don’t want a joke or don’t laugh at them.

  6. I love this, P.M. (sorry I don’t know your actual name!) What a fun twist on the contest idea! The jokes are great (maybe I still have first grade humor but they made me laugh :)) I’m so glad to “meet” you and so glad you joined in the contest!

    • Thanks, Susanna. My name is Milka and I’m a friend of Vivian Kirkfield’s. I’m glad you enjoyed the jokes and I would hope grown-ups who love kids have a good sense of humor. It was a fun contest to do at the very last minute.

  7. These are hilarious! I love the bam-BOO one. Well done!

  8. I have a running joke with my son about pandas and what they eat. I ask him something like ‘Do pandas eat zucchini ?’, ‘No, they eat bamboo!’ he says. So I’ll have to try out the panda bambooo Halloween joke.

  9. I’m so impressed by your jokes! My kids will love them.

  10. Milka…hurray! I’m glad you joined in…as much to connect with this amazing kidlit community as to submit your entry for the Halloweensie Contest! And your jokes are SOOOOO funny…I laughed at each one and nodded my head up and down…these are great jokes that certainly can be shared with kids. :) :) And last minute is sometimes the best…no stressing out about it…just do it. :)

    • Thanks, Vivian, I’m glad you enjoyed it. You’re right, last minute doesn’t leave any time for writer’s block. It might be why I tend to work on my business projects too. Not that I wait until the last minute, but I set myself early deadlines to get it done, and it seems to work.

      I’ll have to hop over and check out your story.

  11. Haha. I love corny jokes!

  12. These are funny! I wish I would’ve read these before the kids went to bed. (Sadly, I’ll forget the punchlines by morning :))

  13. “No body to dance with” – HA! Fun entry!

  14. We love goofy jokes here and I can’t wait to share these with my boys this morning! I’m glad you joined in the contest, I really enjoyed your entry.

  15. Funny! I had to share this with my kids. Nice of you to join in the fun. Glad you did.

  16. Cathy Ballou Mealey

    My youngest will adore the panda joke – thank you!

  17. Very creative! My favorite is the ghost calling his Mom and Dad transparents. I can’t wait to teach that one to my son.

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