WordPress weekly photo challenge: Foreign

When I discovered this week’s WordPress photo challenge  theme was “foreign”, I had a lot of thoughts going through my mind at first. Eventually I decided to have a little fun with the theme and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Foreign: Nutella – the best food to come out of Italy. After pizza of course. And pasta.

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Foreign - Nutella

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Foreign – Nutella

Foreign: Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
This is one of my very favorite stories, one about an aviator – a foreigner to most of you unless you’re French – and a little prince in a foreign country. Creative, poetic and simply beautiful.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Foreign - The little prince book

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Foreign – The little prince book

Foreign: L’etranger by Albert Camus
Etranger has two translations in English, depending on its meaning: stranger or foreigner. Camus used this title especially because of its double meaning. His character lives in a foreign country and he also doesn’t fit in a normal society. This made it difficult for English translators to pick the right title originallyand the book was published as both The Stranger and The Foreigner for a number of  years. Today publishing companies have agreed The Stranger is the better fitted title.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Foreign - The Stranger by Albert Camus

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Foreign – The Stranger by Albert Camus

Of course, I saved you the best for last.

Foreign: Pandas hanging out on the roof of a shop in California

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Foreign - Pandas on the roof of a shop

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Foreign – Pandas on the roof of a shop

Now that’s a lot of pandas, huh?

These pandas are sure to make you look twice as you walk by this shop in the small town of Idyllwild, California. They’re completely out of place and quite a foreign sight, but I think they’re brilliant in attracting potential customers.

25 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Foreign

  1. I’ve experienced three of the four things you mention. Love both of the books, but am not a big fan of Nutella. (I love chocolate, but, alas, not hazelnuts.) I fear seeing the pandas on the roof might make me lose control of my car! ;)

    • Oh, I love hazelnuts! I think it’s more of a European thing, because you really can buy them anywhere and here, they’re more hidden. People grow them in their backyard all the time (and have to fight with squirrels at harvest time).

      I have driven by things that stood out of the ordinary so much, I was distracted for a minute or so. These pandas would do it to you. :-)

  2. L’etranger was one of the first books I read in French. It was a great book, though I wonder how much of it I missed with my still-developing French language skills. I also read Camus’s La Peste. I doubt I could make it through a French novel now, not without a dictionary by my side. I hate that I lost so much of what I spent years learning, though at least I could make my way if I ever got lost in France. :)

    • Ah, lost in Paris? Wouldn’t it be nice? You should read The Stranger again, in English, if you have time. It’s very simple, yet it tells so much about that time in Algeria, and about someone not fitting in. It’s pretty spooky, perfect for Halloween. I still remember the first words of the book, from studying it in school a few times: “Aujourd’hui maman est morte”. It set the tone for the whole book, brilliant first sentence.

      • Yes, whoa to the person who does not grieve the way one suspects he or she should. The outcome may not be good… And that is a great opening sentence (and thank goodness I can still understand it.)

  3. Catherine Johnson

    I’ve had Le Petit Prince in my drawer for ages. I must read that next :)

    • If you’ve never read, then yes, you absolutely must. I’ve read it as a child, a teenager and an adult and I’ve taken something different from it every time. I think it’s time I read it again. It’s a beautiful story with great insight for children and grown-ups alike.

  4. Roof-top pandas? foreign and eye catching, indeed!

  5. I have recently discovered Nutella (I don’t know how it took me so long) and have to agree that it is the best thing to come out of Italy (though I would put it above most pasta and definitely pizza)

    • Real Italian pizza is to die for, but you can’t find it here easily. I’ve found Trader Joe’s sells real pizza from Italy in their frozen section and it’s delicious.

      As for Nutella, being raised in Europe helps being exposed to it early on. I grew up on the stuff and I still have some almost every day. My youngest is 4 and he loves it as much as I do, but my 6-year old doesn’t like it anymore. Too bad for him, but that means more for his brother and me!

  6. Those pandas are funny! I would stop there to see what was the deal. And Nutella…yum! That’s all I can say about that.

  7. Unusual and interesting. Nutella is Italian?

    • Yes, Nutella was invented in Italy. Here’s the fascinating story from the Nutella website. Chocolate and hazelnuts, a delicious combination.
      “Nutella® spread, in its earliest form, was created in the 1940s by Mr. Pietro Ferrero, a pastry maker and founder of the Ferrero company. At the time, there was very little chocolate because cocoa was in short supply due to World War II rationing. So Mr. Ferrero used hazelnuts, which are plentiful in the Piedmont region of Italy (northwest), to extend the chocolate supply.”

      • I’m amazed – I thought it seemed American-ish!

      • Hazelnuts are definitely not that popular in the US, whereas you find them in tons of places in Europe.

        Everything has to have peanuts here. To compete with Nutella, which is gaining popularity because it tastes SO MUCH better than peanut butter, the peanut butter manufacturers are now adding chocolate to it. Believe me, it doesn’t come close if you like the real thing.

  8. Nutella – yuk!

    The pandas – love them!

  9. Good one, Milka! I thought about photographing a P~I~Z~Z~A for the theme . . . but then I realized that would be hypocritical of me since we have ADOPTED pizza as one of our own. :D

  10. If you have time, you might enjoy this Halloween contest. If you win . . . 5 shiny new autographed children’s books!

    You can find the details, and my entry, here:

    Your story must be 100 words or less and Susanna gave us the first 3 ~ witch, bat, and “trick or treat.”

    Be judicious.
    Slash and dash.

    It is Halloween after all!

    B~O~O!!! :shock:

    • Oh, you want me to write this up by 9pm my time today? Aaaaahhh, now that’s scary. But it sounds like a fun idea. Maybe my 6-year old can help out, we’ll see. Thanks for sharing!

      • I’m pretty sure that Susanna plans to extend the deadline until Friday . . . but don’t hold me to that without checking her site.

      • I checked and she said she’ll make exceptions for those who got impacted by Sandy. I wonder how I can twist that one, living in San Diego. ;-)
        It’s OK, I’ve got a few ideas. It may not fit what she’s expecting, but it will be funny.

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