Hungry for a snack? How about some popcorn art?

You may have noticed I didn’t do a WWW Wednesdays update yesterday. There’s a simple reason for it. I’m still reading the same book and I feel like the slowest reader on the planet right now. I’ve been going to bed so late every night recently (a terrible habit to start), I just want to turn off the light and go to sleep when I get there.

If you enjoyed my recent post of food art and it left you hungry for more, don’t despair. I have just the right fix for you. Have you ever made popcorn at home? Have you ever looked at those popped kernels before you shoved them down your throat nibbled on them while watching a movie?

Believe it or not, all these corn kernels pop in different ways and if you look at them carefully, you may recognize some familiar shapes in them. If you’ve ever looked for shapes in the clouds the same way I love to, you may enjoy this game a lot the next time you make some popcorn yourself. Just make sure you pick through your own bowl only, not your neighbor’s. I know, it’s tempting when you’re searching for shapes…

Here are a few shapes my kids and I recently spotted while snacking on popcorn. For the visually / spatially / creatively impaired (pick one, you know who you are!), I added some visual clues thanks to Photoshop’s paint brush, so you can see what we saw.

Ready to play the game? Here we go! Scroll down slowly so you can guess. No cheating!

Can you guess what this shape is? I’ll give you a clue. It’s an animal that walks very slowly.

Popcorn art - guessing the shape in the popcorn kernel

Popcorn art – guessing the shape in the popcorn kernel

It’s a turtle! Don’t believe me? See it for yourself.

Popcorn art - a turtle

Popcorn art – a turtle

Don’t despair if you didn’t get it, it takes some practice. Now that you understand how to play the game, let’s continue, shall we? I’m not going to give you a hint for this one because it’s easy to guess, but I’ll tell you a lot of kernels pop this way.

Popcorn art - each kernel pops differently

Popcorn art – each kernel pops differently

Alright, just in case you couldn’t figure out, here’s the answer: it’s an octopus.

Popcorn art - an octopus

Popcorn art – an octopus

The next shape is a little similar to the previous one, at least when it comes to the number of limbs. This is the only clue you’ll get from me.

Popcorn art- seeing animal shapes

Popcorn art- seeing animal shapes

If you said spider, you’re right!

Popcorn art - spider

Popcorn art – spider

Alright, now that you’re warmed up, here is a more difficult one. This animal also “walks” very slowly.

Popcorn art - finding shapes in popcorn

Popcorn art – finding shapes in popcorn

It was a little harder but if you said snail, you’re really good at this game.

Popcorn art - snail

Popcorn art – snail

Here’s the last popcorn kernel for you to guess. It’s often described as a loyal animal.

Popcorn art - seeing animal shapes in popcorn kernels

Popcorn art – seeing animal shapes in popcorn kernels

If you guessed dog, give yourself a cookie!

Popcorn art - dog

Popcorn art – dog

How did you like this game? Will you give it a try next time you have popcorn? It’s fun playing with food, believe me.

By the way, if you want to take photos of your popcorn art and you’re smarter than me, you’ll want to put your kernel shapes on black or colored paper, so they stand out from the background. Just saying…

22 responses to “Hungry for a snack? How about some popcorn art?

  1. Catherine Johnson

    They are great. We had a great one of Snoopy a while back.

  2. You are so creative!

  3. Keep these coming! They are really fun to guess with your kids.

  4. Yeah! I guessed the spider and the snail. But I thought the octopus was a crab. Oops.

    You’re a better woman than me, because next to chocolate, popcorn is my next favorite vice (well, it’s not too much of a vice because it’s reasonably healthy if one foregos the butter), and I’d never last long enough to study it for shapes. Straight into the pie hole it goes. :)

    • Oh, I’d love to find a crab but they have pincers, which this kernel didn’t have. Good job on the rest of the shapes!

      I actually like chocolate a lot better than popcorn, but my kids ask for it once in a while as an afternoon snack. They do eat it pretty quickly so I have to set a bowl aside to look for shapes. Now you know what would be yummy? Dark chocolate dipped popcorn. I’m way more of a sweet tooth than a salty tongue.

  5. I thought the turtle was a stegosaurus with his tail cut off.

  6. I didn’t get one right but it’s a good game :)

  7. I saw them all . . . straight away. Except for the first. I didn’t see a turtle. I saw a sloth! ;)

  8. I think you’ve found your calling as a food photographer. Now I know what we’ll be having for afternoon snack!

  9. Very creative! We should do something like this. Our son has started playing along when we identify cloud shapes, I’m sure he’d like to do something like this too.

    • Popcorn art is a lot of fun but you have to be quick spotting the shapes because they end up in your son’s mouth! We love looking for shapes in the clouds. Unfortunately, we don’t get a lot of clouds that are good for that here very often.

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