WordPress weekly photo challenge: Big

It must be in our nature to like “big”. Early on in life, little kids grab the big toys, ask for the bigger piece of cake and the big balloon, and they want to be bigger themselves. It doesn’t seem to get any better as we move into adulthood. We like big TVs, big trucks, big homes, big boobs…When I visited the U.S. for the first time as a teenager, I was shocked to see how much bigger everything was compared to France. Bigger buildings, bigger roads, bigger cars, bigger food portions, bigger people… I admit it was a culture shock. Even today, I can still get surprised.

Here are a few examples of “big” in my life, sorted by size. Do you like bigger or smaller things?

BIG – kid-size Knufflebunny, when we went to see Mo Willems and listen to him read his books. That was a lot of fun.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: big - big Knufflebunny

WordPress weekly photo challenge: big – big Knufflebunny

BIGGER – this pelican at the San Diego Safari Park. A little spooky… I can only imagine how huge pterodactyls looked.

Wordpress photo challenge: big pelican at the San Diego Safari Park

WordPress photo challenge: big pelican at the San Diego Safari Park

BIGGEST – the Eiffel Tower, of course!

Wordpress photo challenge: big - the Eiffel Tower in Paris

WordPress photo challenge: big – the Eiffel Tower in Paris

24 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Big

  1. I’m of the mind set that in many cases, less is more. And I’m definitely not a fan of big cars–not just because they’re gas guzzlers but because they can squash my Prius so easily.

    Great pictures!

    • Big trucks are even scarier than big cars. I sometimes see giant trucks on the road people use as their commute car. The type you need a ladder to get in. What a joke, and only in America!

      • When I was an Au Pair in Paris years ago, the two boys I cared for were enthralled by ‘big American cars.’ Sadly, all these years later, America is still driving these ridiculously big cars and trucks. I, too, am not a fan of jacked-up trucks. Looks comical and wastes precious fuel. I’m all for a big family needing a bigger vehicle, but a family of three does not need two big SUVs. In my opinion, anyway. :)

      • Haha, you belong in Europe! I call the giant SUVs nobody needs “tanks”. There’s a very funny line in the movie “Over The Hedge”, where the raccoon shows human life to the other animals. When he points at a giant SUV, one of the animals asks how many humans are in there. The raccoon answers, “Usually? One.” Ha!

      • That’s often the case, unfortunately.

  2. Catherine Johnson

    Oh how I miss everything European! :)

  3. That pelican looks so cool! I am glad I don’t live in dinosaur days. After reading the Jurassic Park series, pterodactyls would terrify me. They were definitely BIG.

  4. Loved your lead-in . . . and your pics! We have lots of pelicans around here. It’s awesome watching them dive in with a splash and emerge victorious . . . with a fish which is soon-to-be history.

    • Most of the pelicans I’ve seen at the beach here are brown but I know we have some white ones too in Southern California. I remember swimming in the water in the Tampa area years ago. Out of the blue a pelican dropped from the sky to dive and grab a fish. I was so surprised I thought I was going to have a heart attack. It took me a while to realize it was a very cool thing to have experienced!

    • A pelican dive bombed into the Gulf not long ago and struck a woman floating in the brine. I’m glad you and the pelican didn’t have an actual run in.

      I love watching them . . . but don’t want to be close enough to feel the splash.

  5. quite a bit of bigness going on here

  6. You’re right about how kids prefer the ‘Big’! My son will always make sure to ask, ‘Is that the ‘Big’ one’?

  7. I like people with big hearts. :)

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