WordPress weekly photo challenge: Happy

Yeah, I’m so happy! Well, I’m happy NBC’s series Grimm, my guilty pleasure, is back with new episodes. I’m pissed the Grey’s Anatomy writers manage to kill half the characters every single season. Seriously, this would never, ever happen in real life. There, I’ve said my peace.

Excuse me for digressing a minute. Back to the photo challenge. After WordPress picked “mine” as their photo challenge theme for last week, I almost lost faith in their staff’s creativity. Obviously the people working there don’t have kids and aren’t fed up hearing “mine, mine, miiiiiiiine” 20 times a day.

So I’m very happy with this week’s photo challenge theme being happy, because happy is a simple, yet beautiful word and feeling. Even though life can throw you lemon after lemon, the human spirit can survive and thrive. Let me share the different ways I’m happy for myself and for my kids. And no, I won’t use the new fancy WordPress photo galleries today, as the WP staff requested me to. My DSL connection is working fine right now and I have no intention of jinxing it by diddling around with the new feature today. But sure, it looks cool.

I’m super happy to have worked hard enough on my new photography website to finally launch it this week.

My new photography website

My new photography website

I’m very happy when my six-year old gives me some type of love art every week. By now he’s a pro at drawing and cutting paper heart shapes. He really is a sweetheart.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Happy - love note from my son

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Happy – love note from my son

I’m happy when my kids and I play with our food and make food art, in this case a reindeer out of grapes. Yes, I’m teaching my kids to play with their food, and I’m perfectly happy with the idea because it gives them a burst of creativity.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Happy - making food art

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Happy – making food art

I’m happy when I get attacked by a ferocious monkey and I somehow manage to survive to tell the tale.

Happy to survive a little monkey attack!

Happy to survive a little monkey attack!

I’m happy when I witness a beautiful sunset and end up taking a decent photo of it with my average cell phone camera.

Beautiful sunsets make me happy

Beautiful sunsets make me happy

Finally, I’m happy when the clouds smile at me. Happy Friday, everyone! What makes you happy?

Smiley face in the clouds makes me happy

Smiley face in the clouds makes me happy

18 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Happy

  1. Those are awesome! The clouds at the end made me laugh. How cool was that. Sunsets and sunrises definitely make me happy, good books, flowers (in the wild…not the store bought ones) and exploring somewhere new that is scenic.

    • Thanks! It’s amazing how the simple things in nature surrounding us can make us happy if we take a minute to notice them. Yesterday my four-year old saw a ladybug on a tree trunk. It was actually stuck in a spider web so we let it free. The ladybug then stuck around on my hand, his hand and several of his classmates’ hands before deciding to take off. The kids loved it!

      • That is so cool! You’re a ladybug hero!

      • To be honest, I’m more of a spider hater. :-)

      • Spiders creep me out. That’s why Spiderman is my least favorite hero. Batman next. I don’t like either of those things.

      • Spiders are really gross and they suck at catching insects like they’re supposed to. People always tell me to keep them in my house. Sure, I have tons of insects flying around still. Then the spiders quickly come down their thread right in front of my face on my bed while I’m reading, or in the shower or bath. Or they bite me while I sleep. I have black widows making messy webs outside my house all the time and I even had to kill a “small” tarentula inside. Gross!

  2. Lots of things make me happy, but the first thing that came to my mind was my children’s laughter. It makes every problem seem smaller.

    Love the cloud pic. How cool. :)

  3. I love the love note, the smiling cloud . . . AND the reindeer! :D

  4. lalalala! Fingers in ears! I didn’t dare read on when I saw ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. We haven’t had the new series start yet.

  5. And I’m happy that you have so much to be happy about this week! :)

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