WordPress weekly photo challenge: Solitary

I embrace moments of solitude every day, when I can take the opportunity to relax, reflect and recharge. I wouldn’t want to live like a hermit but as an introvert, I enjoy spending time on my own, or with small groups of people when I can have great conversations.

I love being around my kids and doing activities with them, but I also encourage them to find something to keep them busy on their own. Believe it or not, I’ve never heard them say, “I’m bored” and I hope  I never do.

One solitary moment I enjoy capturing is reading. Here’s my six-year old reading a Batman storybook at the breakfast table. The only problem is, he’s way too busy to eat…

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: solitary - reading

WordPress weekly photo challenge: solitary – reading

Nature can be quite solitary too, such as this sweet pea I found not too far from our vacation cottage in Idyllwild, California this past summer. There are a lot of white and pink sweet peas growing all over town but this one stood proud and alone on its chosen spot.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: solitary - sweet pea in Idyllwild, California

WordPress weekly photo challenge: solitary – sweet pea in Idyllwild, California

And then there’s this katydid I snapped a photo of a couple of years ago. It was at night in my backyard, on the dirty window glass. Unfortunately my kids were sleeping so all they got was this stinkin’ picture.  This is the very first and only katydid I’ve seen in my whole life, but hopefully not the last. I had no idea how big katydids really are and I’m glad it didn’t try to jump on me as I was taking its picture. Have you every seen one this close?

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: solitary - katydid

WordPress weekly photo challenge: solitary – katydid


9 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Solitary

  1. Not only do I get to enjoy your photos, I get to finally learn the names of things. So THAT’S what a katydid is. I always wondered whenever I saw that word–which, arguably, isn’t often. ;)

    It’s good to give children their solitary time. Sometimes they get too over-scheduled with organized activities and never have time to just be on their own and create or invent or whatever he/she feels like doing at the time.

    • I’m glad you got to learn something new today! Don’t you like days like that? From Wikipedia, “the family Tettigoniidae isknown in American English as katydids and in British English as bush-crickets”. They’re really cool looking and often they sit among the leaves, looking exactly like them, so you have no idea they’re even there. Apparently we have a few here in San Diego but this has been my only sighting so far. Those things are huge!

      As for my kids, they have very few organized activities and I think they like it that way, at least for now. I just registered my 6-year old for a drawing class and his brother wasn’t interested, so he’ll have some free time with me then. We may do something different early next year, but this is it for this trimester. More time for Lego building!

  2. Good thoughts . . . and shots! I love my “alone” time as long as I don’t feel “lonely.” ;)

  3. Your 6yo reminds me a lot of my older brother when he was little – with his nose always in a book!

    I find katydids fascinating. I saw one this summer that was doing a very convincing impression of a leaf. Wouldn’t it be great if we introverts could borrow a katydid’s skills of camouflage sometimes? :)

    • When he’s not having some adventure with his brother, my six year old’s favorite activities are drawing, building Lego, and reading. He lives in a world full of imagination and I can’t complain.

      I’m sure we have plenty of katydids around and I just can’t see them because they’re camouflaged so well.

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