WordPress weekly photo challenge: Everyday Life

Everyday life can be quite repetitive, unless you’re a treasure hunter or maybe a time traveler (wouldn’t it be cool?). But repetitive doesn’t mean boring, and I enjoy capturing the little moments that make a day unique in its own way.

Of course, I can’t avoid the emptying of the dishwasher first thing in the morning. But I always try to beat the timer and do it under 3 minutes. By now, I’m a pro and I’m waiting for my gold medal.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: everyday life

WordPress weekly photo challenge: everyday life

And you know what makes the house chores go a lot faster? Looking at the gift my six-year old made for me: flowers out of my favorite color and a love note. I get gifts from him about once a week. I bet he’ll make a great boyfriend and a great husband.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Everyday Life - paper flowers

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Everyday Life – paper flowers

Somehow, breakfast never consists of simply sitting at the table and eating. It’s often the last thing on the kids’ minds as they prefer more creative activities, like building their latest Lego contraptions. I’m a big admirer because I can’t build stuff like that without following directions.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: everyday life - building Lego

WordPress weekly photo challenge: everyday life – building Lego

Wordpress photo challenge: everyday life - Lego contraption

If you read my recent post about the Sunshine Award, you know my favorite time of the day is when I read books with my kids at night. This is what my bedroom floor looks like as they go through their nightly book selection. Actually, it often looks a lot worse. This was a good day.

Wordpress photo challenge: everyday life - reading children's books

Of course, my second favorite part of the day is when I read books by myself before going to sleep. Unfortunately I often make it to bed late, get sucked into the story and freak out when I look at the clock. Uh oh, better turn off the lights. Good night!

Wordpress photo challenge: everyday life - going to sleep late

WordPress photo challenge: everyday life – going to sleep late


22 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Everyday Life

  1. That’s the joy of kids getting older–they empty the dishwasher for you. Or at least, that’s one of my boys’ jobs. They alternate doing it and of course, complain each time. Then again, if your boys are that skilled with Legos, they may soon be ready to tackle the dishwasher themselves! At least the plastic dishes, anyway. ;)

    • My boys are definitely not old enough to empty the dishwasher, since they’re not tall enough to reach the top kitchen cabinets. But I have them do stuff around the house and I usually don’t have to bend their arms too much. My youngest loves to help out when I bake cookies or cake, so I encourage that too. Who knows, maybe one day, he’ll be cooking me dinner!

      • In that book I’m reading, ‘Bringing Up Bebe,’ she talks about the ‘yogurt’ cake French families teach their children to make at a young age. The kids can easily measure the ingredients because they’re all measured out with the empty yogurt container. Looked pretty cool.

        Speaking of that book, it seems less to me like French parenting and more like common-sense parenting. It’s the same stuff I’ve counseled parents on for years. I think whatever permissive ‘American’ parenting the author experienced in New York comes from elite urban populations. Except for the breastfeeding thing. I’m a huge advocate of it, which, according to this author, many French women aren’t. But the rest–teaching your baby to learn to soothe him/herself to sleep, setting limits–that’s all common sense to me.

      • I know that cake and I’ve made it many times! I’m waiting for the multitude of heat waves to go away so I can bake more cakes and this one is on the list because my son can help. You can add things to the batter, or on top when it’s done. I love making it a lemon cake with lemon juice and sugar on top.

        I hear you about common sense parenting. I sometimes get nasty looks when I speak firmly to my kids in public, but they need firm reminders or their boundaries and letting them go all over the place is not an option. Did you get to the spanking part yet? Where she says French parents don’t spank?

      • No I haven’t gotten to that part. The book is due tomorrow, and I still have 100 pages left, so not sure if I’ll be able to finish it. Maybe they’ll let me renew it. I never spanked my kids, but I set firm limits and took away stuff and offered rewards for good behavior. You have to do establish limits when they’re young, because if you’re not in charge then, you certainly won’t be when they’re teenagers. I can still silence my 6’1″ teenager with one look. Thank goodness!

      • I agree about setting limits from early on. My kids continue to test them (partially because of their dad not setting any boundaries) and it’s exhausting but I’m very consistent. Try to renew the book so I can hear what you think about the end. Or just read really really fast. ;-)

      • I was able to renew it. :)

  2. This was such a fun post. I feel like I learned a lot about you and your boys just by these simple pictures. I am a terrible photographer – both in that I don’t do it often and in that the results are never very good – but you’ve made me think about the way that these simple captures tell so much without many (or even any) words at all. I think it would be nice to look back at them years from now to remember what this chapter of your life was like.

    • Thank you! I think the key is appreciating those little moments that bring joy during the day. Well, except maybe for the dishwasher… Life really is a series of snapshots but you have to pay attention because they come and go pretty fast.

  3. And the Gold Medal in emptying the dishwasher goes to . . . Milka!!!

    BTW: I have the same salad spinner. Whee!!! ;)

    • Thank you! Is it real gold? ;-)
      You know, I couldn’t help but laugh when I wrote the dishwasher part. My ex used to take at least 30 minutes to load and unload the dishwasher. I had no idea how he managed to drag it on for so long but it clearly didn’t leave any time for additional chores.

  4. You DO deserve a gold medal for how fast you empty the dishwasher. I love those homemade flowers. Those would make any Mama happy. Boys are awesome! I love my boy and the sweetness in him for his mom. Melts my heart. Love the Lego creations. We have many of those in our house, and have graduated to the Mindstorm Lego robots that you have to program. Those make 12 year olds happy. Great post!

  5. I see Froggy books! Spud loved them when he was little. In fact, of all the books he has discarded as he’s grown, the two Froggy books he has have stayed safe.

    • We love Froggy and have a few we own. The others come from the library. We just bought “Froggy goes to Hawaii” at the school book fair. The dad asks Froggy not to behave like a nincompoop once they get there. My kids love the word because there’s “poop” in there. I’m sure that’s why Jonathan London picked it!

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