WordPress weekly photo challenge: Wrong

I don’t like to focus on the negative so when I found out the WordPress weekly photo challenge theme was “wrong”, it left me thoughtless for a little while. Besides showing a photo of the wrong shoe on the wrong foot (for the record, it only happens to my kids, not me), I couldn’t think of anything.

Then I remembered I recently took some cool photos at a San Diego county park a few weeks ago, so maybe something in there would fit the theme. And that’s when I found not one but two photos to share. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

The first one is the photo of a two-third dead tree. I say two thirds because its trunk split in three early on in its growth and two of them had to be cut off, probably because they weren’t doing so well. The three-trunk tree looks wrong, especially with limbs cut off, but I love how nature can make a wrong right by providing shelter in the hollow trunks for animals in need.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Wrong - photo of a hollow tree

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Wrong – photo of a hollow tree

The second photo is of another tree where something else wrong happened with its trunk. But if you look closely, you may find something right came out of this wrong. I describe it as the hooded lady with a scarf. I love finding shapes like that!

Do you see it? If you don’t, maybe there’s something “wrong” with you. ;-)

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Wrong - the hidden face in the tree

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Wrong – the hidden face in the tree

18 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Wrong

  1. Honestly, when I look at that bottom photo, I see a knee with it’s kneecap and cartilage removed–sort of like an anatomic diagram. But don’t worry. I already know there’s something wrong with me. ;)

  2. Wonderful pictures. Great post.

  3. In the bottom photo, I see a groundhog cross country skiing. In a hood, naturally. ;)

  4. It took a second glance, but I do see her. :-)

    • Thanks for noticing the face in the tree! When we stopped by that tree, I couldn’t help but think, wow, what’s wrong with that tree? But then I saw the face and thought, hey, that’s cool, so I snapped the picture.

      • It’s funny, that’s the kind of thing that you either see, or no matter how hard you look you just can’t. Like shapes in the clouds.

      • I love looking at shapes in the clouds and I do it with my kids any time we have clouds to look at (not often enough in San Diego). Yesterday we saw a dancing pig (Olivia the pig style) in the thunderheads over the mountain. I was driving so I couldn’t take a picture of it, but we all had a good laugh looking at it.

      • I’ll be sure to look for her with my daughter in our clouds :-)

  5. Am I wrong, or do you see the ancient remains of the Babilonian civilizations of Palmyra too? ;)

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