WordPress weekly photo challenge: Growth

When I found out the WordPress weekly photo challenge theme was “growth”, I glanced at my tomato plants and remembered how much they grew in the first few months after I bought them. Then the giant tomato hornworms, the nasty squirrels and the greedy lizards decided to snack on them. Every day. The squirrels did the most damage, as they bent many of the super tall plants in half, stalling most of the growth. We’re lucky to pick a few tomatoes here and there to snack on, when we had several hundred of them growing in the first place. I really have to find a better squirrel deterrent for next year. If you have any idea, I’m all ears.

The most growth I see at the house is with my boys. My youngest has a bottomless appetite and grows constantly. On the other hand, my six-year old has been a terrible eater at school, snacking on a couple of crackers for lunch on most school days. He’s always been taller than average on his growth chart but I know he should be taller than he is. So my goal this summer has been to feed him at least three healthy meals a day, since he gets to spend lunch with me every day. I think it’s working because he’s definitely grown at least half an inch in July. He’s got his yearly check-up in a few weeks so it will be interesting to compare his height to his latest measurement at the end of June. I want to see an inch growth between the two. Am I asking for too much?

My boys’ growth also means their clothes are getting too small. Besides doctor’s appointments, this is my best method to measure their growth. I recently changed their clothes for a bigger size, because this is what their pants (and tops) looked like:

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Growth

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Growth

Keep growing, my boys!


26 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Growth

  1. Just wait until they hit puberty. My oldest grew so many inches one year, some pants he only wore a few times. Hopefully, the youngest can wear them, but I don’t think he’ll be as tall as his brother, so I guess to Good Will they’ll eventually go. :)

    • Oh, and I can’t wait till they start raiding the fridge and pantry at that time too! They do a pretty good job of helping themselves to food already. As long as they’re healthy, I’m not complaining.

      • I’m amazed by what my 15 year old can eat. And I’m jealous. I’ve read that active teenage boys can consume up to 3,000 to 5,000 calories a day. After watching my son, I believe it. And he has minimal body fat. Ahh, the joys of testosterone…

      • I don’t know if it’s the testosterone or just the growing years. I ate a lot as a kid and as a teenager too. Heck, I still do! I always tell my kids, “as long as you grow tall and not wide, you can have all the food you ask for.”

      • Oh, yes, I ate a lot as a teen as well, but for boys, testosterone lowers body fat; for girls, estrogen ups it. Not quite fair. :)

      • Agreed, but I think we’re still lucky. A woman with a little body fat can look curvy, while a man with body fat just looks, well, fat. And I see plenty of guys full of testosterone and lots of body fat!

      • Ha ha–you’re right. I guess I was talking in the ideal situation, something that sadly rarely exists today. :)

      • Just watch a Hollywood movie and you’ll think everybody in America is fit and good looking. ;-)

  2. Ha ha. My boy is the same way. I buy him new pants, and then a month later I feel like we have to go again to the store. Gotta love boys.

    • I buy the next size clothes ahead of time, so I don’t find myself without clothes for my boys. I hate running to the store in a panic!

      • Story of my life…running to the store not necessarily in panic, but embarrassment because my son’s knees are showing.

      • Haha, I only run to the store if I run out of milk. Or Nutella. ;-)

      • I can’t keep Nutella EVER around. My girls inhale it. It makes me mad. I went to make crepes the other day…and no Nutella. I’d only had one cracker with it spread on…and in 2 days, they’d gobbled it up. Argh!

      • Teenagers can do a lot of damage to those Nutella jars. By the way, I just saw this at Target for the first time yesterday and I bought it from my youngest, since he likes peanut butter. It’s peanut butter with chocolate! The brand is Peanut Butter & Co and the product is actually called Dark Chocolate Dreams, and you can find it right next to the Nutella. I’m not a fan of peanut butter but I have to admit it tastes really good. And it has more fiber, less sugar and more protein than Nutella. I may keep a jar of this at our house at all times from now on.

      • Wow! that sounds so delicious! Yes, I’m going to look for that next time I’m in the grocery store. I love peanut butter.

  3. I don’t want to put a damper on things but my son grew too fast between 14 and 16 and that’s when his scoliosis went crazy. It has all worked out fine now because the surgery was successful but it was that fast growth that the surgeon told us was the main cause. Just something to watch out for!

  4. Pant length is such a great benchmark for growth!

  5. Perfect photos for the theme, Milka. Short pants are fine with bare feet . . . but they look “odd” with shoes and socks. ;)

    • Wow, Nancy, I just checked my spam folder and your comments have been buried in there. I wonder why that would happen and how to fix it. Hopefully by clicking “not spam” you’re out of it permanently, but please tell me if this happens again.

      You’re right about short pants looking OK without shoes on. I was a little embarassed to send my four-year old to school recently when I realized how short his pants were after I put his shoes on. But he didn’t care, so we just left!

  6. I know that picture oh-so-well. My 14yo daughter has just overtaken my 17yo by 2cm, much to the 17yo’s dismay!

    An inch is not too much to expect, they often grow in spurts.

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