101 in 1001 update: Enjoy some outdoor/indoor music

I’ve got several items on my 101 in 1001 challenge list to provide an update on, but I’ll start with this one today: “Enjoy some outdoor/indoor music”.

My town organizes a “Concerts in the Park” series every summer for all to enjoy for free. A new band plays a different style of music every week and on a weekday evening, people get to sit on the lawn and listen to the band.

I’ve been wanting to take the kids to several of these concerts but somehow I’ve forgotten every single time this summer. That’s until a group of friends mentioned they’d be going to an upcoming blues concert, with two bands playing that night. So I put it on the calendar and last week I joined my friends and a couple thousand people for a fun concert.

I don’t think we stayed there longer than an hour because the kids were getting tired and their patience was wearing out, but we did enjoy the blues music during the time we were there.

Here’s a photo of the second band I managed to take when the kids asked to get closer to listen to the music.

101 in 1001 challenge: enjoy outdoor music

101 in 1001 challenge: enjoy outdoor music

Of course the boys then complained the music was too loud, so we made our way back to our blanket by going behind the stage. Somehow the music was still very loud over there, not just in front of the stage!

101 in 1001 challenge: listening to a blues band

101 in 1001 challenge: listening to a blues band

Enjoying outdoor music is a treat for me in the summer. I also got to enjoy live music on the 4th of July when I took my oldest to the town’s festivities. So technically, this is my second time listening to live music in a single month, not that bad. I can now cross this challenge off my list, although I hope to have more opportunities to listen to indoor or outdoor music before this challenge is over.

Do you get to enjoy outdoor music once in a while? Or do you prefer indoor concerts?


15 responses to “101 in 1001 update: Enjoy some outdoor/indoor music

  1. Love, love, love outdoor concerts. I haven’t been to one here yet (although there have been to I just couldn’t make it to), but in Henderson I went to a Beatle impersonation group and it was so enjoyable. The kids danced in the grass to the music and we just enjoyed the weather and music…perfect.

  2. Neither, actually. That’s kind of sad :(

  3. Recently attended a show at the Grand ol’ Opry in Nashville–it was epic!

  4. Concerts are great fun. I need to get out to see more of them.

  5. I love outdoor concerts . . . especially for blues and jazz. But only if it’s not raining. ;)

  6. So glad you got to take the kids! Outdoor summer concerts are lots of fun…and more laid back. My most favorite memory of an outdoor summer concert was back in Connecticut where they had an amusement park called “Lake Compounce”..you paid an admission fee for the park rides…and on the weekend summer evenings, they had free concerts. That evening they had a 50’s and 60’s oldies Do Wop extravaganza…so many top name groups singing their classic songs. My husband and I stood in the front and danced the entire time. :)

    • Sounds like a lot of fun! The summer bands specialize in different decades too so there’s music for everyone. I remember when I lived in CT and attended the Jazz festival, a 2-day outdoor event celebrating all types of jazz band. That’s the BEST music event I’ve ever attended in my life. What great music!

  7. Well done!! I’ve completed my concert challenges too. I still have to write the update. I wiil try and find the time soon. Things are starting to calm down here (finally).

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