WordPress weekly photo challenge: Purple

How did the WordPress people know my favorite color is purple? OK, technically it’s not purple but lilac, or lavender. And pink. And blue. Many shades of blue.

But I’ve found out over the years that most Americans are not very discriminative when it comes to colors. Growing up in the land of Renoir and Monet, I learned early on the colors of my paint tubes in the school’s art class: ochre, vermillion, fuchsia, azure, café au lait… And “bordeaux” for maroon, because “marron” means chestnut in French, since chestnuts are indeed brown. And that was just one hour of art class every week. But let me get back on track before I start ranting about the disappearance of art from our school system, or our kids’ preference for video games over art history.

I love purple and its various shades. It’s a bold, proud color that screams, look at me! And I love taking pictures of purple things because they stand out so much from their background.

Take a look at the photos below and tell me what you think. I’d also love to hear what your favorite color is and why.

Here’s a photo of my favorite tree in San Diego, called the jaracanda. It only blooms for a couple of months a year (May and June) and it’s a delight to see the purple bursts throughout the landscape. I still have to find a tree with a nice setting around it to take a great picture, but I wanted to share this sight because it’s quite a treat.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Purple - Jacaranda tree in San Diego

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Purple – Jacaranda tree in San Diego

Here’s a photo of a local lilac tree called the Ramona lilac. Unfortunately it doesn’t smell anything like the common lilac but it still features beautiful blooms in the spring.

Purple lilac - Ramona lilac photo in San Diego

Purple lilac – Ramona lilac photo in San Diego

During our vacation in Idyllwild, I spotted a few wildflowers and these really stood out. I have no idea what they are called (if you know, please share), but I love their shape and color.

California purple wildflowers photo

California purple wildflowers photo

Finally, I know I used this photo of a lupine in a previous WordPress weekly photo challenge, but it’s very purple and fits right into this post too.

Photo of purple lupine in San Diego

Photo of purple lupine in San Diego

33 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Purple

  1. As always, great pics. Purple is right up there as my favorite color. I really love a rose color, too. Not red, not pink, but somewhere in between. The odd thing is, I never wear clothing of these colors. Most everything I wear is black or neutral with an occasional exception. Boring, I know.

    Does the WordPress weekly photo challenge highlight bloggers who participate? I’m a little out of the loop on these things. Not that I plan to participate in it, but I’m just curious.

  2. Are those flowers some kind of geranium maybe? I don’t know. They seem so familiar, but I mix flower names up all the time in my brain. I don’t know if I have a favorite color per se. I love aquamarine a lot–it brings out my eyes. But I wouldn’t want everything I owned to be aquamarine…that would be boring. I love lilacs–their smell makes me think of childhood as we had a bunch of them in the backyard. I love those jaracanda trees you posted. Those are beautiful!

    • I don’t think they’re geranium but it bugged me not to know what they are, so I did a search on google. They are called Chaparral Sand Verbena (Abronia villosa var. aurita). The ones I took a photo of on vacation looked more pinkish but I took a photo of them in my hometown and they were more light purple. Unfortunately the Ramona lilac doesn’t smell but it’s still very pretty and the jaracandas are a nice surprise to spot every year. It’s too bad the blooms don’t last long.

  3. I love purple and orange together. The colors make each other pop!

  4. WE had jacaranda trees near our home in SA. TB used to look out for the ‘purple trees’ every time we ventured out. It’s cute in a three year old.

  5. Love the wildflowers, haven’t see those before.

  6. Wonderful photos, Milka . . . the colors are spectacular.

    Thanks for your kind words and warm thoughts over the past few weeks.

  7. I love purples, too, all shades and hues. In a bouquet, toss in magentas and periwinkles and a few white blossoms, and I’m a happy camper.
    Great pictures, too!

  8. BEAUTIFUL! My favorite color is also purple! When I was younger and lived at home with my parents, I had my room painted Lavender. :)

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