WWW Wednesdays – July 18, 2012

WWW Wednesdays

My bookshelf

Quiet the power of introverts by Susan Cain– What I’m currently reading
I just started reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain. It took me several months to get it from the library so I’ve had a lot of anticipation building up. Now I just have to find enough quiet time to read it all…

– What I recently finished reading
Stay Close by Harlan Coben. I give this book 4 stars out of 5 for making me wanting to turn the pages over and over, and 3 stars for the lack of originality. I read The Innocent a few months ago and the story was somewhat similar: the stripper running away from her past but unable to escape her roots, the good cops, the rotten ones… This book was entertaining but felt like deja vu to me.
– What I think I’ll read next
Last week, I said I’d read Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity next. But then I got Susan Cain’s Quiet and I know it’s a hot potato at the library so I moved it to the top of my queue. I also (finally) got the first volume of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, so this will be my next read.
My kids’ bookshelf

Goodnight Opus by Berkeley BreathedWhat they’re currently reading
Goodnight Opus by Berkeley Breathed. After hearing Grandma reading Goodnight Moon for the two hundredth time, Opus decides to put a spin on the story and use his wild imagination to travel into space. You can even find out what the Milky Way is really made out of. My kids really enjoy this story and the illustrations.
Pssst! by Adam Rex. The animals at the zoo have some unusual requests for a little girl who happens to be very helpful. They want things. Lots of things. Big things (think tires and armchairs). The story is very funny and the illustrations are engaging for both adults and kids.
Hot Air : The (Mostly) True Story of the First Hot-Air Balloon Ride by Marjorie Priceman. This book retells the story of the Montgolfier brothers launching their first hot air balloon ride in front of Louis XVI and a large crowd at Versailles in 1783. Did you know the original travelers were a sheep, a duck and a rooster? But what really happened to them while they were up high in the sky? This books tells it all. Or does it?

The Prince's new pet by Brian AndersonWhat they recently finished reading
The Prince’s New Pet by Brian Anderson. After the queen dies, the king decides the kingdom should remain gray and colorless as he bans all color. But on his birthday the Prince receives an unusual, very colorful new pet. Will the evil color catcher remove this intruder or will the kingdom regain some color? A wonderful book showing how sad and gloomy a world without color (literally or not) would be.
Please, Louise! by Frieda Wishinsky. This is a book older siblings will relate to when it comes to annoying younger siblings. Jake’s little sister refuses to leave him alone and he’s had enough. But when he wishes she was a dog, his sister disappears and all he can see is a dog running around. Uh-oh…

– What I think they’ll read next
Probably some Berenstain Bears because I ordered a bunch of them. What about you? Any books you or your kids are reading you’d like to share?

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10 responses to “WWW Wednesdays – July 18, 2012

  1. Well, I think you know how I feel about Susan Cain’s book. In fact, in my post tomorrow, I refer to it as “my bible.”

    I’m reading “I Am Cara” by Frederick Anderson. He’s an English blogger I follow. He self-published the book, and I am taken away by his writing. Really beautiful sentences. Although it has an apocalyptic theme, something I don’t usually choose to read about, in making my tour through bloggers’ books, I’m glad I stumbled upon his.

    • Isn’t it a nice surprise when you stumble upon really good writing you didn’t know existed?

      I’m enjoying reading Quiet. Yesterday I read about her out-of-body experience at the Tony Robbins seminar. I remember being offering an interview for a copywriting position at his company (in San Diego). Although I was flattered they thought I could do the job, after I spent some time writing the website copy, I declined moving on further. There’s no way my introverted personality can allow me to write fluff like that! Can you imagine having to write something like this every day? “By following my step-by-step plan, you’ll slowly ignite the fire that’s deeply burning within your soul, only waiting to be awakened and help you reach your fully potential…”

      • Ha ha–no, I couldn’t. And you’ve just made me realize that an introverted nature can extend to writing as well. :)

        I enjoyed the part where she talked about the Tony Robbins seminar, because I would have felt as out of place as her. I completely identified, although she ended up getting into it, whereas I’m doubtful I would. :)

      • I’ve had to turn down some copywriting jobs, where I had to write aggressive selling copy. I prefer the neutral to educational approach, where you try to teach people about your products or services, rather than shove it down their throat.

      • I would think customers would appreciate that, too.

      • That really is the “new” way to market, especially in the social media age where most people buy something because someone else told them to, not the company. But most companies don’t get this and think it won’t work.

  2. I hope you like Hunger Games. I loved it, but read it before it was popular and the movie wasn’t even thought of. Sometimes popularity can make people more critical of a book later. I’ll have to read Quiet; you and Carrie’s talk about it entices me. I just finished Bride of New France, which isn’t even out yet; I got an advanced copy and have to review it. I think it comes out in August. I better see what I have to do with that.

    • “Sometimes popularity can make people more critical of a book later.”
      Haha, like Fifty Shades of Grey? Or Twilight? ;-)
      I hope The Hunger Games is a good book with all the positive reviews and crazy fans, but I know to keep my expectations down.

  3. I want to read”Quiet” and “Hunger Games”…They are still on my To read list…my mother-in-law has the Hunger Games on her Kindle so I need to get her to loan them to me sometime

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