WordPress weekly photo challenge: Dreaming

The bad thing about going on vacation is, you can’t wait to go again. I can find plenty of things to brag about living in San Diego (the weather, the proximity to the beach, mountains and desert, the many activities for the kids) and plenty of things I’m not crazy about (high cost of living and low wages, lack of cultural and intellectual activities, not the friendliest people on earth). But overall I miss the green I grew up with in the suburbs of Paris, and then enjoyed in Connecticut.

So when I find green, I’m happy. And when I capture green on camera, I love looking at it again to remind me it’s out there and I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Here’s some green and some blue I found at Lake Hemet during our latest vacation. There’s something about standing still in front of a large body of water and plenty of trees, feeling the breeze on my face, that makes me dream. I can see myself there again by closing my eyes…

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Dreaming - Lake Hemet, California

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Dreaming – Lake Hemet, California

And then, there’s this beautiful spot I stumbled upon with my kids this past Spring while walking around Dos Picos County Park in Ramona, California. The grass was so bright green, I couldn’t believe my eyes and had to take a picture of it for future dreaming. I wish the grass around here looked like this every day, but… well, there’s no grass. 

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Dreaming - Ramona lilac trees in Dos Picos Park

And sometimes I like to dream by looking up above and trying to find some shapes in the clouds, by myself or with my kids. Clouds are rare in San Diego so it’s a special treat I enjoy very much. It reminds me of my childhood, when I could spend hours laying down in the grass and staring at the sky, in a dreamlike state. Here’s a simple, smiley face in the sky I had to smile back at the day I saw it. Happy dreaming!

 Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Dreaming - happy face in the sky

15 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Dreaming

  1. Geez . . . look how blue the sky is in the top photo!

    • I don’t know what it is with Southern California skies, but they can be very, very blue. Well, except for Los Angeles skies, which are always smoggy brown. Sometimes I take off my sunglasses and I’m in awe. It does help to use a polarizing lens, especially at midday but I didn’t use it that day and the sky turned out that blue on the photos I took on both of my cameras. Beautiful, isn’t it?

  2. I wish I could say clouds were rare here in Ohio, but alas, they are not. As for that grass? I can’t believe that photo is not altered. That green is brilliant.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I can see why they’d make you dream. Love the smiley face clouds. What brought you here from France? I’ve always been curious.

    • Long story short… After I finished my master’s in English in France, I was offered to teach French for a year at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. After that I went for my master’s in teaching so I could teach French in the US but when I couldn’t find a teaching job out of school, I took an office job and have stayed in the corporate world until now (I freelance now). After putting up with the worst two winters of the 20th century in Connecticut, I moved to San Diego. But I miss the green and the trees, and cultural activities and historical past, which are all inexistent here. I’d love to move back to the East Coast one day, close to Washington DC, maybe Maryland of Virginia, to get what I miss here. We’ll see…

      • Sad about the teaching job. My dad was that way with German. He’s a German teacher and had to teach World Geography for over a decade with the promise that he’d get German later. Finally, he had to move schools to get some German classes, then he loved his job. I hope you get back to the East someday…since you liked it there. Dreams come true, right?

      • When I graduated, everyone told me it was a great time to become a teacher because the old timers were retiring. I quickly found out they could have retired but stayed on to rack up pension dollars as long as they could. I also wasn’t very good at my job search and expanding my search, so I’m sure I missed out. The problem with teaching jobs is, they only pop up once a year. Unfortunately Southern California has very little interest in foreign languages and almost none in French. At least the East Coast is often more educated and interested in a variety of languages. That’s probably where I should have stayed if I wanted a career in teaching. And yes, dreams come true, as long as you make them happen!

      • Yeah, parts of the west don’t do languages much in high school. Vegas was like that when we lived there. I love our high school here. We have a huge language program with Latin, Spanish, German, French, Japanese. Almost everyone takes at least a year or two of foreign language (and many do 3 or all 4 years). It’s so much nicer than Vegas (I felt the schools there were quite remedial)

  4. Love the cloud smile. Yes I’m curious too as to what brought you from France.

  5. No matter where you go in the world, if you take your heart with you, you’ll always be at home. It seems without saying, that your children are your heart. Enjoy always, T

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