San Diego July 4th, 2012 fireworks: great balls of fire!

By now you may have heard that the July 4th fireworks in San Diego were a little different from the usual fireworks display. Some technical glitch made all the fireworks go off at once, a few minutes before the official start. And it was all done in about 30 seconds. Here’s more info and several videos, so you can see it all for yourself if you don’t believe me.

San Diego July 4th fireworks go off all at once.

July 4th 2012 San Diego fireworks go off at once

July 4th 2012 San Diego fireworks go off at once

I’m glad we get to live in a smaller town next to San Diego, where we can walk to the fireworks and sit and watch from a close distance as they go off. Small towns are what it’s all about when it comes to delivering a taste of Americana on the Fourth of July.

I hope you had a great July 4th. I’m working on my belated WWW Wednesdays and it’s coming up later today. I’m also back from an active and fun week in beautiful Idyllwild, California with my boys, and I hope to write a post with some great pictures soon.


13 responses to “San Diego July 4th, 2012 fireworks: great balls of fire!

  1. Oh, that’s so sad! Think of all of the people who lost out on a good show not to mention the poor folks behind the scenes. How awful for them. But then again, they’ll all have a story to tell for some time. :)

  2. Crazy! and heartbreaking. Our firework show we were watching went on for about 30 minutes, but sprinklers came on at the finale and all of us trying to watch for free had to sprint away and miss some of the good stuff. It was kind of funny.

    • Oh, that’s funny! Are you supposed to pay to see your fireworks?

      • The ones in the stadium you have to pay for a seat! We were about half a mile away in front of a school and the timer must have been set for 11:15. Our fireworks go off late here because it isn’t dark until after 10:30 in the summer.

      • Wow, that’s really late! Ours go off at 9pm so I can’t complain, and it’s all free seating. But if you go downtown San Diego, you have to pay for parking and find a spot hours in advance. Not worth it, especially when it’s all done in 30 seconds! I love our town’s fireworks because everyone gets to have a close spot, no matter what.

      • Yes, we have a big free one in downtown Boise, but the parking is terrible and it takes hours to get home in that madness (and it’s already late). So we watch the show that goes off after the races at the Meridian Speedway–that is why people have to pay…they’re paying for the stupid car races, which aren’t my cup of tea)

      • I hate dealing with traffic jams, they can ruin the fun you just had. I guess next time you know to avoid the sprinklers. You had your own waterworks!

      • Yes, thankfully July is warm, so it didn’t feel too bad to get a good soaking!

  3. Oh my goodness. This is the first I heard of it!! I guess some people were pretty angry!

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