WordPress weekly photo challenge: Fleeting moment

As a parent, I can think of many fleeting moments that are permanently imprinted in my memory, even if I didn’t manage to capture the moment on camera at the time. The first smile, the first solid food,  the first crawl, the first step, the first word. My kids aren’t babies any more but it doesn’t make the task of capturing special moments easier, as they often don’t remain still enough for me to pull out my camera, or they start striking such a pose, it takes the genuinity of the moment away. And there’s always that moment where my two boys hug each other, only to start fighting a few minutes later…

Nature can be easier to capture, especially when it involves inanimated objects, such as landscapes or trees. Flowers are not always easy to photograph. A little breeze is enough to drive me nuts as I try to snap the right photo. Wild animals are always fun to observe but as hard as I try to snap their pictures, they cooperate even less than my kids.

In front of my lens is where the wild, fleeting things are… I’ll explain where I managed to snap these not-so-great pictures in an upcoming post.

A California quail standing still in an apple tree.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: fleeting moment - California quail

WordPress weekly photo challenge: fleeting moment – California quail

A Stellar jay trying to impress (and scare away) another jay.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: fleeting moment - Stellar Jay

WordPress weekly photo challenge: fleeting moment – Stellar Jay

A pollinating bee sucking the nectar out of a wild rose. Thank you, macro feature and cooperating bee. 

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: fleeting moment - bee in a wild rose

WordPress weekly photo challenge: fleeting moment – bee in a wild rose


8 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Fleeting moment

  1. I’ve never really been into photographs of flowers before I started following your blog, but you have a way of capturing those floral images that really catches the eye. Perhaps it’s the closeness of the shots, maybe the bright colors, probably both those and much more. This one with the bee is wonderful. Keep them coming. :)

    • Thank you! I like taking photographs of flowers because they’re quite a challenge. Sometimes, a group shot looks great, while other times, only a close-up will look nice. And I think it’s something you can see with the naked eye. Often the color will attract me. As I get closer, I’ll see if I like what I see better, or if it looked better further away. But if there’s a bee, only a close-up will do. Bees are often good subjects as they’re way too eager to suck the nectar to leave if you get close.

  2. I love the fleeting moments you captured. The good thing about fleeting moments, is that memories of them are stirred up by other people or experiences. For example, yesterday at church, a lady went down the hall with her cute chubby baby, and that little girl smiled at me and I could remember perfectly my 3rd baby and her adorable smiles and chunkiness that I had forgotten. The rest of the day, I’d look at my skinny teenage daughter and could envision her as a round smiling chubster at 8 months old. Ah! So even when our kids marry and leave us, I think those fleeting moments from their childhood are forever captured in our minds, to be brought to remembrance now and then (and make us cry).

    • I so understand what you mean! I often think about my boys when I see other babies and young kids and I’m sure this will often happen. One instance I really enjoyed is when I saw a baby with lots of hair standing on top on his head. My boys were like that until they were about a year and a half, and the hair finally came down. People even thought I put hairgel for the effect (I’m not that silly!). You don’t see babies with hair sticking up that much very often so the one time I did, I couldn’t help but think about my kids at the same age. I’m not crying. Really.

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