WordPress weekly photo challenge: Create

Although imagination and creativity are a little different (since imagination doesn’t always lead to creation), I really like this quote from Albert Einstein:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Young children have so much imagination and creativity inside them. That’s until the school system and many grown-ups manage to suppress both as the kids grow up. So I try very hard not to do that at home. I let my kids access most of the art & craft supplies on their own, and my dining room table features a container of colored pencils as a permanent decoration. My kids draw every day and I often draw with them, especially since it’s the only time of the day I have time to practice my drawing skills.

Here are some of the latest creations at our house…

My four-year old is now starting to draw recognizable shapes. Most of them happen to be vampire robots covered with blood, so I’ll spare you the gory drawings. We’ve been watching Alvin & The Chimpmunks – Chippedwrecked a little too much recently (it’s actually a pretty funny movie), so my son decided to draw his own island, palm tree included, surrounded by the ocean and some big waves, and mountains in the background. I can see all that and you probably will too, after looking at it for a little while.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Create

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Create

Continuing with the ocean theme, he painted this underwater scene at school last week. His teacher is very creative and I’m jealous she gets to do stuff like this every day.

Wordpress photo challenge: create - painting of an underwater scene

Believe it or not, there’s more to go with this ocean theme. A couple of months ago, my five-year old decided to create a game consisting of “finding the hidden… in the picture”. Even though the creatures are not hiding very well, I still give him kudos for his creativity and his artistic talent.

Wordpress photo challenge: create your own scene with hidden creatures

My five-year old is also very fond of superheroes and practices drawing them all the time. Sometimes, he decides to extrapolate by creating and drawing new superheroes. Here’s actually what he would look like if he got to create his own superhero costume. I love the head gear…

Wordpress photo challenge: create a superhero

WordPress photo challenge: create a superhero

As for me, I managed to find more time to take pictures than to draw and it happens to be my only creative opportunity for now. Sometimes the photos come out great, and sometimes they don’t. I tried my best for the photo below but the light was just in the wrong place, at the wrong angle, and only a few pictures of the jacaranda turned out OK. We’re lucky to have many jacaranda treesin the San Diego area, which display their beautiful purple blooms in May and June. After taking many close-up photos of the blooms, I’ve come to the conclusion the tree looks much more beautiful when pictured as a whole. I’m running out of time to take more pictures this year so I’ll have to fine some good looking trees next year. But a not-so-good photo can still turn into a pretty sight if you use creativity and the magic of Photoshop. Here’s my average jacaranda photo as a bright and colorful painting. What do you think? 

Artistic photo of a jaracanda tree

Artistic photo of a jaracanda tree

22 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Create

  1. Catherine Johnson

    My friend who has daycare will love that fish idea, thanks!

  2. My favorite out of your son’s drawings is “Three Fishes’ Blues” :)

  3. Your boys have talent! Loved the superhero picture…actually, I loved them all. Great post! Keep on creating…in marker, paint, photos, dirt, etc.

    • Thanks! My five year old just drew Puss in Boots this afternoon and I just added it to my blog header but the small size doesn’t do it justice. It actually looks amazing. I’m blown away. I was a good drawer as a child so it’s great to watch him developing the same talent in front of my eyes.

      • Fun, fun, fun! Don’t let anyone beat it out of him.

      • That’s the whole problem, right? It’s funny because at the beginning of the school year, his kindergarten teacher told me he couldn’t just draw in class because it wasn’t academic enough. He also had to write (first). That’s when he didn’t know how to write any words so it was pretty frustrating for him. Today, he writes and illustrates his own stories, and his teacher shows his drawings to the other kids in the class to show them how to draw, since a lot of them still draw stick figures. How ironic is that?

      • Funny how some well-meaning teachers can squelch all fun and enthusiasm for learning out of kids. It sounds like he’s doing great though–leading out and doing amazing things. Good for him!

      • I’m just trying to show him it’s OK not to follow the pack and do what he really enjoys doing, even if it’s just at home and in art class. Although I’m 100% sure drawing every day has helped him perfect his beautiful handwriting. There’s something academic about that! ;-)

  4. Lots of creative talent here – wonderful!

  5. The underwater scene is great. Better than I could do, that’s for sure. :)

  6. That superhero picture is brilliant. My 5yo daughter keeps practising drawing princesses! ;-)

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