WordPress weekly photo challenge: Close

Isn’t close always better than far, distant? We enjoy close relationships and being close to the finish line. OK, sometimes things can get too close for comfort. For me, that would be spiders.

When it comes to photographs, unless I’m aiming for a panoramic shot, I always think closer is better, even if it means cropping my picture when I open it on the computer. The best photos I have of my kids as babies are close-ups, featuring their beautiful blue eyes and rosy fresh skin. It’s more of a challenge today since my kids rarely sit still long enough for this type of shot, and their smiles often look more forced than candid. But I’m not giving up on these shots; I’ll probably manage to get a few when they’re a little older.

My best subject for close-ups today? Nature, especially on windless days. Here’s a picture of lupine I took a few months ago at a regional park not far from my house. I entered the park’s photo contest with it and I don’t think I won anything, but I’m still happy with the way the photo turned out.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Close - lupine

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Close – lupine

I love taking close ups of flowers and their pollen. Sometimes you can even find a bee in there. There was a bee buzzing around on the day I took this picture but it was camera shy so it refused to make it into the shot.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Close - flower pollen

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Close – flower pollen

As for the last picture, I took it the night of the “supermoon” in early April 2012. Clear skies and a large moon make for a great close-up.

Close-up of the April 2012 supermoon

11 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Close

  1. Those photos are wonderful. I’m impressed with your photography talent. I’m also impressed you know what lupine is. I sure didn’t. :)

    • Thanks for being impressed with my pictures. I often have no idea how well or not the pictures will turn out until I see them on the computer. You can’t fix the angle, sharpness and lighting but it’s amazing what the right framing (with a little cropping) will do. I see so many pictures people take that would look much better if they were cropped, but I think people are genuinely afraid to show closeness in the frame. Weird.

      As for lupine, don’t be so impressed. I think that’s the only flower I recognize in my park. I’m terrible at learning flower names, and there are many, many species here. I have no idea what the yellow flower is, and it’s right outside of my house! Some type of lilium, but that’s just a guess. I wonder if the gardeners know…

  2. So beautiful it doesn’t even look real! Amazing!

  3. You are quite a talented photographer, Milka! I didn’t know. :)

    • Thank you, Vivian! Photography is actually one of my life’s passions, something I’ve done since I got my first camera for my 7th birthday. I started with a very basic Polaroid and over the years got nicer cameras for my birthdays. I love taking pictures of even the simplest things, which most people walk by without ever noticing.

      This year, I’m getting la creme de la creme with the latest Canon digital camera, without switching to SLR. I can’t wait to get it and try it out! I’ve actually been working on creating a photography website to showcase my pictures, but the process has been very slow. Lots of pictures to go through, and not enough time in the day… But when I’ve got a bunch of photos posted, I’ll announce the site right here and you can let me know what you think!

  4. So beautiful! Do you mind sharing what type of camera you use. And, if you’ve already written about it, please put up a link to the post.

    • I have a Nikon Coolpix I don’t use much because it includes a lot of automated settings but doesn’t let you change anything manually. So I use my Canon Powershot SX130IS, which works well as a point and shoot but also has a lot of manual adjustments. Since I’ve started using the manual settings, I actually get much better pictures, especially when it comes to depth of field. The macro feature works better in manual mode too, go figure. The only drawback is the grainy pictures in low light, which is probably not an issue with most people but I miss lots of good pictures. So my family is spoiling me for my upcoming birthday and getting me the brand new Canon Powershot G1 X! It’s supposed to do very well in low light settings, and perform even better than my current camera in other settings. Since I eventually want to sell the photos I take, I think that camera will be perfect.

      The best advice I can give anyone wanting to take good pictures with a digital camera is to switch the manual mode if it will let you and experiment with the settings (ISO, f-stops, etc) – the camera will still autofocus. And get close, really close.

  5. Ah! I love your photography skills! Great close up shots.

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