WordPress weekly photo challenge: Friendships

Friendships are such an interesting part of life. Some of them come and go, others last forever. I have been friends with my best friend since 1988. That’s a whole 24 years! More years than how old we were at the time we met. We went though so much together over the years. We were always there for each other through life’s hurdles, the really good, the really bad and the really ugly. I crossed the Atlantic Ocean first, moving from France to Connecticut, and then to California. She came next, moving to Maryland. It’s not easy maintaining long-distance relationships, especially when there’s no email!!! I remember how we used to write each other from one continent to the other. Switching to the instant gratification of email was such a delight. Our long-lasting friendships means we can email each other every day or once a month, it doesn’t matter. We can pick up the phone and start where the last conversation stopped, it really doesn’t matter. Friends can come and go but real friends are for life and I’m blessed to have such a friend. I know she’s going through a lot right now and I want her to know I’m here for her.

I also have wonderful friends who live a lot closer and I also feel very blessed to have them. As I went through some life-changing events earlier this year, they were there for me and offered so much help, I can’t thank them enough. Of course, over the past couple of years, I’ve met new friends over the blogosphere too and it’s been a wonderful experience overall. And thanks to Facebook (love it or hate it!), I’ve been able to reconnect with a couple of long-lost friends I really missed not having in my life. What a great world we live in!

I’d love to post photos of my friends but I wouldn’t do it without their permission and I know they’d probably be embarrassed. I wouldn’t also post photos of my kids with their friends as their parents would probably freak out (how did my kid’s face end up on your blog???). So I have the next best thing. My two boys are wonderful friends to each other, even though they only see each other as brothers, not friends. They love each other, they hug and kiss, help each other, play together, and of course argue, just like real friends do.

So here are a few photos of them enjoying their friendship without even knowing it.

Friends hiking together, and whining about how long it takes, forgetting it all when it comes to climbing some trees…

Hiking together

Hiking together

Friends making a snowman together with Southern California snow for the first time .

Building a snowman

Building a snowman

Friends making their own knight masks/helmets, and fighting vicious dragons.

Knights fighting dragons

Knights fighting dragons

Have you been lucky to experience wonderful friendships in your life that last through the years?

11 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Friendships

  1. Sounds like you are a good friend to maintain such ties. And what cute young ‘uns you have. :)

  2. Thank you, Milka, for sharing your wonderful story about your long-term friendhip…that is lovely that she followed you to the United States, even though you are still a long distance from each other.
    My best-friend, Jane, lives 2000 miles away, on the east coast…but we have been friends for over 60 years…and it is comforting just knowing that someone somewhere remembers when I had my four front teeth missing…and she still loved me. :)
    I love the concept of your sons being friends…even though they may not always get along…awesome photos!

    • Wow, Vivian, I’m impressed. We moved a lot when I was a kid so I didn’t get to keep in touch with my early friends. My sister, who’s younger than me, still has a few friends she met in preschool – pretty cool.

  3. It’s nice to share history with long-term friends. Since posting my piece about the importance of friends last week I learned that my best friend from elementary school has cancer, but fortunately she caught it early and is feeling hopeful. Her health scare made me realize that I take our friendship for granted and don’t reach out enough to her. It was a wake up call.

    • I agree with you it’s easy to take even long-term relationships for granted. I know my friend can get engrossed in her own troubles and disappear from the surface sometimes, so I have to make the extra effort to reach out and find out what’s going on and how I can support her. I wish your friend successful treatment and a prompt recovery. Early detection is always key in many of our ailments.

  4. I have; and I treasure each one.

  5. I am the lucky one having you as my best friend. Love you Miki.

  6. Yes!! My oldest friend I met when I was 5yo and despite many moves we’re still there for each other and she’s planning to visit me in Germany for the second time, I hope, quite soon.
    My best friend and I have been friends since we were 13 and we still chat on the phone every week, despite me now living in another country.

    Friends are incredibly important to me. They’re the family I chose for myself.

    I’m glad that you’ve had the support of your friends the last few months.

    • It’s good to be able to maintain long-term relationships even when you don’t live in the same country, isn’t it? I find many Americans are narrow-minded when it comes to making new friends. If they have their own established relationships, they have no interest in meeting new people. And the older they get, the less friendly they become, only associating with people who are like them, share the same interests, etc. It’s an interesting observation to make as someone who grew up in a different culture, but not something I enjoy seeing.

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