WordPress weekly photo challenge: Today

I’ve been so busy this past few days, it’s been hard to squeeze in this week’s WordPress photo challenge. The rule was to take a photo of “today” and post it on my blog. The problem is, by the time I got to the end of Friday, I didn’t take a single picture. By the end of Saturday, I found myself pictureless once again.

On Sunday my kids spent the day with their dad and I had planned to work on several work projects that were due early this week. I’ve signed myself up for several work projects recently, quite a few more than I usually handle at once. But I can’t complain since the work is really interesting, the clients are nice and the pay is always welcome. I’d love to have some free time to build up my photo blog, which I just started last week, but it can wait for now.

I ended up working over four hours straight on Sunday to complete three big items on my work to-do list. The intellectual labor was intense but it felt good to cross things off at the end. To reward myself, I decided to have dessert for lunch (it was past 2pm anyway) and I stopped by Dairy Queen for a delicious banana split. Doesn’t it look yummy? Have you ever had dessert for lunch or dinner? If not, you should try it sometimes, it’s delicious!

Dairy Queen banana split

Dairy Queen banana split

Of course, you could say I technically took this photo “yesterday” but it was in the “today” moment. I just didn’t have the time to post it until today. To be fair to the WordPress weekly challenge, I just took more photos of “today”, the real today, as in, just now.

I’m working hard at growing cherry tomatoes in my backyard. I first tried growing tomato seeds, but they took forever to get going and stayed tiny. Here’s how “big” (read small) they are now, two months later.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: today - tomato plants

WordPress weekly photo challenge: today – tomato plants

Not very impressive, huh? By now they should have reached the top of the support, but I doubt they’ll get there. I’ll be lucky if I can get a dozen tomatoes out of them this summer. Fortunately I also bought a number of small tomato plants a month and a half ago. Some of them are growing nicely, but take a look at these … er, I’m not sure what to call them. Mutant tomato plants? They’re at least five feet tall! I can see a few green tomatoes forming and considering the size of these plants, I hope we get to eat tomatoes all summer.

Tomato plants for the WordPress weekly photo challenge: Today

Tomato plants for the WordPress weekly photo challenge: Today

Are you growing fruit or vegetables for yourself and your family?


20 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Today

  1. I don’t grow any fruits or vegetables, but I sure wish I could grow that banana split. Or a Snickers blizzard, which is my favorite Dairy Queen treat. Oh, great. Now I want one.

    Good luck with your projects. I admire your dedication. :)

  2. Yes to dessert for lunch or dinner! A wonderful tradition, if I say so myself. And I have tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, watermelon, and a bunch of herbs…but they are all small still.

    • You’ve been quite busy in the garden! I keep trying to plant melons but the damn lizards eat the seedlings. If the plants survive the lizards, their flowers then get eaten by the damn squirrels! I have a few seeds left and a few spots now I’ve picked up my reminding leeks, so I’m going to try to grow melons once more time this year. Fingers crossed!

  3. OHHH, now I am totally craving a banana split!

  4. I had a veggie garden briefly and the only things that grew were the zucchinis and they grew huge!!!

  5. Judging from the number of blossoms on your tomato plants . . . you better start collecting tomato recipes. :D

    • Haha, you’re probably right! It’s OK because I love cherry tomatoes and the organic ones are very expensive at the store, so this will be a real bargain. I eat them by the handful, warmed up by the summer sun. I also like them on pizza and in salads. I often trade produce with my friend who also has a garden but she’s growing a lot of tomatoes too…

  6. Tried it. Failed miserably. Never again.

  7. I think you a going to have a terrific crop of tomatoes.

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