WordPress weekly photo challenge: Summer

Even though summer days can be quite hot here in San Diego, they are my favorite time of the year. I love the extended daylight in the evening, the blue skies and the summer fruit galore: peaches, nectarines, cantaloupes, watermelons, berries…

I wanted to share the great harvest my garden can bring in the summer, but since it’s not summer yet, I have to use pictures from last year’s garden. I planted a couple of raspberry bushes last spring and our first summer harvest was small but delicious.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: summer raspberries

WordPress weekly photo challenge: summer raspberries

The raspberry bushes kept on producing into the fall, even this winter. Today I have tons of raspberry canes in my garden and they’re forming new buds. I can’t wait till we pig out the whole summer!

Of course, Southern California weather is great for growing tomatoes and I usually get quite a lot out of my plants.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: summer cherry tomatoes

WordPress weekly photo challenge: summer cherry tomatoes

Unless I get unwanted visitors like this gross, yet beautiful, insect called a tomato hornworm. It’s about 3 inches long and if left alone, will devour tons of tomatoes and tomato plants, which it turns into green poop. Lovely. Those suckers hang on so hard to the tomato plant, you have to cut the branch off to get rid of them.

Tomato hornworm

Tomato hornworm

Summer is also about blooms and butterflies. Check out this beautiful tiger swallowtail butterfly, as busy as can be, sucking the nectar out of my bougainvillea. He could care less I’m right there to take his picture.

Tiger swallowtail butterfly on bougainvillea

Tiger swallowtail butterfly on bougainvillea

What’s your favorite part about summer? I wrote a list of my summer favorite activities about a year ago. Feel free to share your list too.


18 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Summer

  1. I bet your place is lovely. And that photo with the butterfly is spectacular.

    No matter how busy one is in the summer, the season still holds a connotation of laziness, and that’s what I love about it. Oh, and of course the sunshine. And the warm weather. And the endless desire for ice cream. And seeing my kids have a good water fight. And…

    • Thanks for the compliment on the butterfly photo! Bees are really hard to photograph because they can’t stop moving but the tiger swallowtails are quite friendly and compliant. You’re right about summer. The good weather and the long school break (or memories of long school breaks for people without kids) entice us to spend a little more time outside, relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

  2. That last photo is stunning in its vibrancy.

  3. Beautiful! (except for the caterpillar!)

    • Thank you! You’re the first one to comment on the caterpillar and I thank you for that. In a way, these caterpillars are amazing because they’re so big and bright green, nothing like I’ve ever seen before. But yeah, they’re pretty gross and they made a mess of my tomato plants last year. I removed some every few days for a while. Hopefully they won’t be here this year. Fingers crossed!

  4. Great shots! We had an enormous green caterpillar devour our tomato plants one year in NJ ~ I don’t think it was a luna moth caterpillar but it had a similar VORACIOUS appetite.

    Enjoy your raspberries . . . they spread like wildfire, so you will be enjoying berries a plenty.

    And that last shot . . . WOW!!! Gorgeous. Thanks, Milka.

    • I hope I don’t get caterpillars this year because I already have to deal with pill bugs, slugs, lizards and squirrels! I have raspberry canes everywhere but I’m not complaining if they’re going to be productive since everything gets eaten before we get to it. Grasshoppers like to snack on the leaves but they don’t touch the fruit.

      Thanks for the compliment on the butterfly photo! I sometimes look at a picture I took and think it looks really good but it’s nice to have some external feedback. This motivates me to create my photo blog/online gallery sooner than later to start displaying the cool shots I’ve taken over the years. I keep thinking I’m going to get a break in work projects to tackle this but I get keep having new prospective clients contact me with interesting projects I don’t want to turn down. I’m not complaining either way!

  5. I’m jealous of your garden, especially your raspberries. I seem to kill every berry plant I put in the ground here. People tell me they grow like weeds…but it’s not true…because I grow weeds very well and berries aren’t growing. Maybe this year I’ll be lucky. That last picture of the flower and butterfly is stunning! Love it.

    • I’ll tell you something about raspberries. My first plant died after producing zilch, so I believe you. Lowe’s gave me a free replacement and the new one is going bonkers. I have a different type of raspberry bush next to it and it’s definitely not growing as well but still going. I’ll say one thing though. I think good soil is the key for them (as for much produce). Miracle Grow every one or two weeks helps too.

      Thanks for the compliments on the butterfly photo! I was so focused on getting a good shot of that butterfly I didn’t realize the mix of bright colors until I pulled up the shot on my computer. I loved being able to capture part of the blue sky with it.

  6. Fabulous pictures again. The raspberries made me feel quite hungry. We have a lot of tomatoes in the garden this year and my herb garden, finally, is a rip roaring success!!

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