WordPress weekly photo challenge: Hands

These are the hands that tickle Elmo’s nose when he gives a hug to my son for a picture at SeaWorld San Diego. That will teach him to try to sell millions of Tickle me Elmo dolls.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: hands - Elmo and Bert at SeaWorld San Diego

WordPress weekly photo challenge: hands – Elmo and Bert at SeaWorld San Diego

These are the painting hands that let the artist’s creative juices flow freely.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: hands

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Hands

These are the firefighter’s sturdy hands that sometimes need a little extra help from the jaws of life to save lives. Thank you, hands.

Firefighter holding the jaws of life in his hands

Firefighter holding the jaws of life in his hands

Of course, I couldn’t help myself from including Jewel’s beautiful and inspiring Hands song for this weekly photo challenge, so enjoy it!


17 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Hands

  1. Delightful interpretation … Elmo and Bert, of course!

  2. Hands are fascinating! I never realized that until I had to draw my own. I have a new appreciation for them–wrinkles and all. Love the song too.

    • I just read the same remark about drawing hands not that long ago. Gosh, I can’t remember who was mentioning that, but it’s true. What’s interesting, and I could have taken the theme that way too now that I think of it, is how children draw hands. First it’s just a bunch of lines for the fingers with no palms. Then it’s kind of a ball, mixing the palm and fingers together. My five-year old now draws hands more accurately, counting the right number of fingers every time.

      • Yes, kids are fun to watch as they develop through stages of awareness with their bodies.

      • And it’s not just their own bodies. A couple of months ago, my son drew me topless naked! That was interesting… And very funny!

      • Oh my! Hee hee! How did you keep a straight face when you looked at it?

      • It was very difficult but I managed to just giggle and admire his work of art. He was actually embarrassed to show me and asked me if I could not laugh if he showed me something he drew. He was self-conscious but I think his artistic side wanted some approval. He’s seen plenty of naked people before so he knows it’s art.

  3. That picture of your son and Ernie is so cute. Many kids that age would be scared of a big puppet–Sesame Street or not.

    I was reading through the other comments, and I’m relieved to say that my son never drew me topless. Whew!

  4. Terrific picks for pics! :D

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