WordPress weekly photo challenge: Blue

Living in San Diego, CA, I get to enjoy beautiful blue skies the majority of the year. I’m not sure what makes the sky so blue here, but I’m guessing it has to do with our latitude and the ways the sun rays light up the sky. It really does help when taking photos of various subjects, and using the blue sky as a nice, contrasted background.

I took this photo in our backyard a few weeks ago, after what will probably be our last rain for the next six months.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Blue

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Blue

I also can’t help thinking about my boys when I hear the word blue. My whole world is blue because of them. They avoid the aisles of girl toys, calling them “the pink aisles”. They both have beautiful blue eyes and look great with blue tops, so I buy a lot of those. We also have a blue couch at our house, courtesy of IKEA. With a removable cover you can throw in the washer, this is one of the best furniture investments I’ve made with two kids. Here’s my four-year old when he was just a baby, sitting on the blue couch in his blue footsy pajamas, with his beautiful blue eyes (which you really can’t see well on this picture). 

My baby boy sitting on the blue couch

And here’s a photo of his brother when he wasn’t even two years old, sitting on our blue couch in my blue T-shirt, using my Boppy pillow and a burpcloth to breastfeed his lovey. How cute is that? I also have a photo of him using my breastpump but you’ll have to wait for the color “yellow” to be the theme of the photo challenge!

My son breastfeeding his lovey with the Boppy pillow

14 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Blue

  1. That first image is stunning. Really. I’m no expert, but you should enter that in something. Wow. And what great “wallpaper” it would make for a computer. Better than the freebies that come with the computer software, that’s for sure. Just think–your image could be on computers around the world. :)

    And for the record, your kids are adorable. But I suspect your son’s going to get you for that breastfeeding photo. Save it for his future girlfriend…

    • Alright, I’ll answer your comment again, because WordPress clearly didn’t like my first take… Thank you so much for your feedback, and I had never thought of having my photos used for wallpaper (or screensaver) but now you’re giving me something else to look into, since so many people are going digital.

      I have a lot of photos I can use for future blackmail for my kids. I’m waiting for the theme to be yellow to post the photo where he actually used my breast pump. ;-)

  2. Fabulous first pic. Your boys are adorable but one will never speak to you again when he finds out you’ve been sharing his secrets :)

  3. I agree with the others – first photograph is amazing (oh and so are your darlings!)

  4. Wonderful shots, Milka. Your boys are precious. :D

    • Thank you! It’s always fun to look back at baby pictures and see how much they have grown. They looked a lot alike as babies and sometimes I can’t even tell who it is on the picture. Shame on me! :-P

  5. Yes, I love that raindrop shot too. And your boys are so adorable! Blue is a great color!

  6. Beautiful blue eyes. Definitely!

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