A special Mother’s Day story

This past Thursday afternoon, I received a strange email message that got my attention immediately. It came from my Every Day I See A Cow blog, mentioning a post I wrote last Thanksgiving where I featured cow hand puppets from IKEA. But it wasn’t about a cow.

The email sender was a mom located in Nova Scotia, Canada, almost 4000 miles away from San Diego, where I live. As I read her message, I quickly realized it was a cry for help. Earlier during the day, her two-year old daughter lost her lovey. Her ONLY lovey. Yep, no backup. Gasp!

So this desperate mom browsed the web for hours looking for a new lovey, which happens to be a lamb hand puppet from IKEA, just like the ones featured next to the cow on my Thanksgiving cow blog post. Of course, luck would have it that IKEA recently stopped selling these hand puppets. Apparently they’re not a hot item on the resale market either. At least, not on the day this lamb puppet disappeared.

As you can imagine, this tragic and sudden loss didn’t go well for her daughter, who kept crying and asking for her lamby. As she couldn’t find another one to buy anywhere, this poor mom became frustrated until she saw my blog post and emailed me, asking me if by any chance I would have an IKEA lamb hand puppet. Hmm, I replied, attaching the photo below, like… this one?

IKEA lamb hand puppet

IKEA lamb hand puppet

I actually bought several hand puppets at IKEA a few years ago. I think they were only $1.99 each at the time and very entertaining for the kids. I think I have a frog, a chicken, a zebra, and of course, a lamb. My kids still like to play with these puppets once in a while but I figured they could manage with one less.

So I got this mom’s address and on Friday morning I went to the post office to send our lamb to greener pastures. I’m pretty sure Nova Scotia has much greener pastures to offer than San Diego. And the best thing about all this is, in about a week a little girl will be happily reunited with “her” lamb lovey. Someone should tell her it just went on a vacation for a week or so…

This experience tells me that as moms, we need to stick together. Maybe one day another mom will be the one helping me out when I need it. But if there’s one single piece of advice I can offer new moms, it’s to get several copies of your baby’s lovey. That’s what I did with my two kids and even though we haven’t lost any so far, I don’t regret the additional purchases. 

By the way, if your child ever lost his or her lovey, I’d love to hear your story. How far did you go to replace it?

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

25 responses to “A special Mother’s Day story

  1. PM to the rescue! That was a nice thing you did. Isn’t the internet wonderful, the way it helped a desperate mother?

    MY son kept losing his Ted Ted Teddy (that’s what he called it) and we spent many a frustrated hour searching for it so my sister in law bought him another one. Then we spent our lives looking for lost Ted Ted Teddy and lost Ted Ted Ted Teddy.

    Incredibly, he still has them, though I’m not sure how.

    • Thanks! My eldest had a hard time letting go of the lamb puppet, even though he doesn’t play with it much, so it was a good lesson for him to help out someone in distress. I can only imagine looking for the two teddies on a regular basis, this is hilarious!

  2. What a great story! Isn’t the Internet amazing? Luckily, we never lost a favored item. :)

  3. What a good deed. I think the only treasured item we lost once was a binky on vacation. It was a long vacation.

  4. Loved this story, Milka! I’m glad that you were help the little lamb find a little lamb. So sweet. :D

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. What a WONDERFUL story!

  6. Nice story.
    Maybe toys could be fitted with those devices that cats and dogs have inserted: micro chips, so if lost they can be reunited with their owners?

    In my experience a child will not be fooled by a replacement, which lacks the smells and decay of the favourite!

    • To avoid this smell-test problem with my kids, early on I washed their loveys, so they’d get used to the object but not the smell. Plus I feel better about them sleeping with a semi-clean lovey in their bed.

  7. Thank you for this beautiful story! With our first son, we had only ONE pacifier…were we crazy? Or just young and unknowing. :) You can imagine the insane searching that went on…until we got smart and bought a few.

  8. What a lovely story!!

    I made up a package of baby items form IKEA for my friends new born baby son (12 years ago). I used the bathroom stand and just filled it with little bits and pieces from the baby section. One of the things was a light shaped like a moon and another was a very, small soft towel.

    The little boy fell in love with the towel. He would not be parted with it and took it everywhere. We didn’t expect it and so, of course, by the time I thought to buy a second one they didn’t sell them any more.
    My friend constantly had to search for his cloth and it ended up as just a fragment of torn rag. But still he loved it for YEARS!

    • It’s hard to know what your baby will get attached to. I took a strategic approach and picked my kids’ own loveys and that’s all they had in the bed as babies, so they got attached. I bought several of them at that time so I knew I’d have back-ups. It doesn’t sound very “natural” but I opted for the practical and drama-free option!

  9. Thank you again so much. I am crying as I read this post. You are such an amazing person, and I can tell you my daughter is so happy to have her Lamby.
    I can not wait for you to see the video we took of her opening it.

  10. A writer friend send me the link to this post, and I am so grateful. I love this story. It’s heartwarming to hear how you helped the little girl find a Lamby. Please let me know if I can share this post on my blog. I write for children, my first picture book that just came out with Henry Holt is about a child and her lovey (LUCY’S LOVEY), and I started a weekly blog series where authors, illustrators, kids, teachers, librarians, etc. share their childhood lovey stories. Thanks for being a lovey advocate. Loveys are a vital part of a child’s life, so when I see a lost one, I pick it up and try to find its person.
    Thank you! Betsy Devany
    P.S. – As someone who also works for an old-fashioned toy store, I always encourage parents to buy back-ups, and I feel blessed by all the loveys I’ve met over the years working at the store.

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