WordPress weekly photo challenge: Unfocused

The first thought I had when I read this week’s Wordpress photo challenge was to feature my mind. There’s nothing more unfocused in my life than my mind right now. Scrambled thoughts? Checked. Lack of focus? Checked. Wheels spinning and nothing moving? Checked.

Of course it’d be pretty hard to take a picture of my mind and it might even scare you a bit. The good news is, I’m working on clearing up my mind and turning my many thoughts into action. I’m getting my days organized so I can get the important things done. And it seems to be working, so I’m taking it day by day. My biggest challenge at this point is not only to handle the urgent items, but also the ones that have been sitting on the back burner for so long, they make me my creative side itch. Have you ever had that feeling? It sure feels good to scratch the itch once in a while.

But I digress, and I’ve done a lot of that recently,  so let me get back on track. Unfocused is one thing I’m very good at when I take pictures, especially when I use the macro feature. My camera is VERY good at focusing its macro on everything except the very thing I’m interested in. I’m sure there’s a trick to it but I haven’t figured it out yet.

So I often end up with images that clearly lack focus. And getting rushed by my kids doesn’t help. Last weekend we went to the zoo and I got the opportunity to take pictures of beautiful flowers. At some point, I spotted a butterfly on some lovely purple flowers so I decided to use the macro to capture it. This is how most of my images turned out, with no real focus on anything in the frame.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Unfocused

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Unfocused

Fortunately I managed to take one single image that turned out OK, even though I’m not too crazy about the lighting situation. But at least the subject was in focus. Unlike my kids, who had run away to the exhibit next door and kept calling me to come and see a tiny antelope called dik dik. I’ll admit it was pretty cute. But I still like my butterfly better.

Butterfly on purple flowers

11 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Unfocused

  1. The color in those images is brilliant! You should put together a calendar of some of your photos. I know I’d buy it. :)

    Good luck with your mental chaos. I know a little something about that…

    • Thank you! Little by little I’m going through my hundreds of photos, picking the best ones, editing them and saving them. It doesn’t help I’m taking new pictures all the time but it’s better than having no materials to choose from. My goal is then to create a website gallery and link to other sites where you’ll be able to purchase the photos on various media (e.g. prints, canvas, calendars, mousepads, iPhone covers, etc). I’ll definitely announce the launch first on this blog but so it looks far way down the road because I have so much work to do for it! Motivation is the key. :-)

      • What a great idea! I always admire an innovator. :)

      • Oh, I wouldn’t call myself an innovator because the service is already available out there, but thanks! I’d love people to just buy matted prints of my photographs but I understand not everyone has room on their walls and may be interested in another product, so I think variety is the key to sell photos today. But hey, until I try it, I’ll have no idea if this is true at all!

      • Absolutely. Good luck, no matter how far in the future it might be. :)

      • Thank you! I recently assigned time slots for this activity in my weekly schedule so hopefully it will help me dedicate the time I need to make things happen.

  2. I tend to delete unfocused shots . . . so I had to photoshop a few to oilify them. :D

  3. That butterfly is so pretty. I want to go to a butterfly exhibit again. Was that in your yard? The flowers are so vibrant. Best of luck on finding your focus in your thoughts…although this post focused very well.

    • I saw this butterfly at the San Diego Zoo. We see some of these in our backyard once in a while but the tiger swallowtail are more common. I haven’t seen them yet but I’ll be sure to take pictures when they do because they are beautiful. I took a photo of one last year on my red bougainvilea, it was great.
      Thanks for your encouragements on finding focus. I just picked up two new business writing projects, which are great for my cash flow but it’s making me push some things on the back burner for a little while. At least the writing projects are very interesting and different from the companies I usually work for, so I’m excited and I can’t complain!

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