WordPress weekly photo challenge: Together

As soon as I found out this week’s theme for the WordPress photo challenge was “together”, I knew my boys would be my subject of choice.

They were born 19 months apart, which means my eldest has no memories of ever being an only child. It also means they’re close enough in age to share a lot. I have a six-year difference with my sister and it clearly affected our bonding. We always played with different toys, went to different schools, had different friends… So when I embarked on the exciting journey of motherhood, I knew I wanted to have my children close in age and to give them a chance to bond.

Fast forward a few years later. They’re now age four and age five, at least for a few more months when my eldest will turn six. They play, make up their own adventures, role play, dress up and play hide-and-seek together. They tell each other jokes and play pranks. They read the same books and watch the same movies together. They tell each other about their day at school – a lot more than what they directly share with me! They help each other, give each other advice and offer praise. Sometimes they might even share food (with a little push encouragement). And the best of all, they give each other hugs, and sometimes even kisses, without prompting, showing how much they care. Ah, that brotherly love… Of course, there are plenty of time when they argue, and fight over toys. But hey, isn’t that what brothers are for, too?

The funniest thing about their relationship is, they don’t realize how close they are to each other. Whenever I ask who their best friend is, they’ll name someone in their class. If I mention their brother, they’ll say, he’s my brother, not my best friend! I feel so blessed being able to witness their relationship blosson every day in its own special ways.

Were you close to your siblings in your childhood? How did these relationships evolve as all of you turn into adults?

Brothers looking for Easter eggs together

Brothers looking for Easter eggs together

I took this photo at the regional park where we go hiking, by the entrance. They got up there on their own… It’s pretty high from where I stand but there’s a slope behind the rock.

Brothers sitting on top of a rock together

This has to be one of my very FAVORITE pictures of the two of them playing in the backyard. Doesn’t it make you want to be a kid all over again?

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Together

17 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Together

  1. So cute! Believe it or not, my brother and I were only 11 months apart. To the day! My mother was a busy gal, but we grew up inseparable. Which is probably why the only purpose Barbies ever served around us was to be kidnapped by the bad guys and rescued by GI Joe (so cliche and sexist, I know!)

    • Wow, your mom was busy! I found it exhausting the first two years but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Glad to hear you’re still so close to your brother today. That gives me great hope for my kids!

  2. We were all 23 months apart – and we aren’t close at all, but I guess even as kids, not really. :P

  3. What beautiful boys and it’s great that they are so close because it doesn’t always work out! You have done well!

    • Was that good timing or what? I actually didn’t think I’d get pregnant again so fast. I breastfed my first son for a long time and didn’t ovulate until 9 months after his birth. I’d thought we should start trying since it took me a few tries with my first, and pop, I got pregnant right there! I physically wouldn’t have been able to have them any closer, so I’m pretty happy with how things happened.

  4. I think the parents have quite a lot to do with it! My parents are also distant, so it just sort of passed to us. I think it is nice have a close bond like that, or at least it sounds nice :)

  5. Your boys are adorable! I think that’s awesome that they are so close to each other. I’m close to my sister that’s closest to me in age. She still seems the most like me in thoughts and ideas (so it’s easier to talk to her).

    • I wonder how much siblings influence each other with interests and ideas over the years. My kids love to play together but with specific toys. Others, one of them doesn’t have much interest in so they save it for when they play alone.

  6. I think it’s wonderful when siblings have a close bond like this. Like other commenters, I do think parenting style and choices have a lot to do with it. My daughters are exactly 3 years apart and they are incredibly close. My eldest has a lot of friends, but she says none of them compare to her sister. They fight at times but in general, they adore each other.

    I had friends in Scotland who chose to separate their children (who were fairly close in age) they sent them to different schools and even different childminders! Their opinion was they were different personalities and they needed different things. The last time I saw them, their children weren’t like siblings at all. I found it quite sad!

    My brother is 10 years younger than me and my sister 12. I was quite close to my brother for a few years, I think because I had so longed for a sibling. He and my sister, although only 18 months apart, were not close. They fought a lot. As far as I know, they are closer now, but I can’t say for sure as neither of them has spoken to me for over 2 years.

    Like you I love watching my children together. Also, it gives me great comfort to know they are always there for each other in times of trouble.

    • I’ve had my kids in different daycare / school situations over the years, just because of what stages they were at then. But I always loved it when they were together somewhere (plus, who wouldn’t to pick up their kids at the same time?). They’re now in the same school, even though I have one in preschool and one in kindergarten. My eldest helped his younger brother by telling him all about preschool and the playground before he started.

      Interesting about your brother and sister not being close emotionally even though they’re close in age. I hope my boys stay that way. It’s great to know there’s someone you can always count on throughout your life. Thanks for stopping by! I know you’re a busy gal.

      • I think you’ve helped pave the way for a strong future bond between them.

        I love popping over when I get the chance, so my pleasure!

  7. 17 months between my brother and I. Close? Yes. He’s just on his way with my niece for supper :)

    My two are 2 years and 10 months apart. And very close. I always try to let them sort out their own troubles, and not interfere too much. Whether that influences anything I don’t really know.

    • I think not interfering between your children is very important. It allows them to figure out a solution and not allow the parent to take sides. When my kids can’t agree about a toy, I always tell them to figure it out or I take the toy away, end of discussion. Usually it gets their wheels turning pretty quickly!

  8. I love, love, love that last photos! It’s wonderful. :D

    At one point, my parents had four kids under the age of five ~ Boy (4 yrs. 9 mos.), Me (3), Boy (16 months), Girl (newborn). Now, 50 years later, we’re close, but we each have our own friends and interests.

    • Wow, your parents must have been sooooo busy! I’m sure it also helps to live close to each other to maintain tight relationships. Long distances make it hard to maintain strong ties, even with family members.

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