The golden eyes – a missed opportunity

In yesterday’s post, I described how the tow truck driver who rescued me and recharged my dying battery had “golden” eyes. I hesitated to ask his permission to take a picture of his eyes, for fear of sounding a little freaky.

Several of you scolded me expressed disappointment for keeping those golden eyes all for myself. You even asked me to find a picture of real golden eyes so I could share my once-in-a-lifetime encounter. So I did what every person would do. I googled “golden eyes.”

Damn, you guys were right! I should have taken a picture of those eyes because finding a REAL set of golden eyes is impossible. Well, except if you’re looking for Bella’s new golden eyes, after her beloved hubby turns her into a her vampire in the Twilight saga. There are tons of those in cyberspace.

Twilight's Bella and her vampire golden eyes

Twilight's Bella and her vampire golden eyes

Honestly, now that I’m looking at this picture, the truck driver’s golden eyes looked a lot like Bella’s. I doubt he was a vampire though, especially since he didn’t mind walking around in San Diego’s super bright daylight, with no sunglasses on. So I went on with my Google search and the closest image I could get was on another WordPress site called Varungenius’s Blog.

Golden eyes

I still think this woman’s eyes look more hazel than golden so I retouched them in Photoshop. Here are the real golden eyes I saw yesterday. Pretty neat, huh?

Real golden eyes

Real golden eyes

16 responses to “The golden eyes – a missed opportunity

  1. Gorgeous! And thanks for reminding me I need to get Photo Shop. Have been wanting to do that for a while. :)

    • I LOVE Photoshop. I have a very old version (7) but it’s the complete version so it’s quite powerful. It really helps fix what’s not perfect on your digital shot, especially when you don’t have a lot of time to get the camera settings just right. You san save some time on the shoot and spend it in front of your PC to get it just right.

      • See how much classier you are than me? You’re discussing ways you can use Photoshop to better your photography–I just want to make goofy photos with it. :)

        By the way, I replied to your email earlier. Thanks for sending those!

      • Pfffff, you crack me up! I’ve never used Photoshop for that but it sure would be fun.

  2. I’ve never seen golden eyes before.
    I half expected to read that you found a picture of him when you typed it in google!!

  3. What you need to do is to get your car to break down and call the towtruck again!

  4. Those eyes sound amazing! Maybe he was a vampire who’s special power is the ability to walk around in the daylight without glowing.

    • Oh, wouldn’t that make a good idea for a book? The next generation of vampires can now walk around in daylight but still preys on their victims in the dark of the night. Vampires take everyday (and everynight) jobs, like tow truck drivers. Watch out who may come to rescue you and your car at midnight…

  5. Ooh, now I feel like driving all the way across the country just to meet this man with golden eyes. I suppose you could always lie in wait for him outside his repair shop, pretend you’re talking on your phone, and “accidentally” snap a photo of him. :)

    • Haha, you’re not the first blogger telling me I should stalk the poor guy to snap a picture of his eyes. I wonder how many times people say something to him about his eyes, or if just like me, they just stare at him with a puzzled look on their faces.

  6. The possibilities are endless . . . stalk him . . . jump out of the bushes and snap his photo like a paparazzi . . . pretend to be a modeling agent who needs an “eye model” for a Foster Grants ad (tell him he’ll meet Raquel Welch) . . . pretend to be an eye doctor who is looking for golden eyed patients for a special study . . .

    I wonder if he was just wearing colored contact lenses. :lol:

    • Haha, poor guy! He’s getting more minutes of fame he could ever imagine and he doesn’t even know about it. And no, I believe they were his real eyes. I can’t imagine a tow truck driver with colored contacts, but that could make for a funny skit.

  7. I just found your blog because I too was looking for the same piercing eyes I saw yesterday!!! I’m still not over them, my partner an I were leaving the supermarket and in front of us was a lady wearing a burqa pushing her daughter in a push chair(she may have been only 18months old) but the way she was sitting I looked over her mothers shoulder to see her I eyes! WOW! I took a deep breath in and told my partner quietly look look look, look at this little girls eyes… We immediately walked casually beside the push chair and I just had to tell her mother what beautiful eyes her daughter has, she said thank you so kindly, I told myself she gets told this ALL. THE. TIME. : ) To see this little girls eyes, it wasn’t just looking at her eyes it was seeing her and her seeing me… It was more of a blessing than just an encounter, I feel blessed. But, I too didn’t have time to take a photo, an I still haven’t found eyes on the internet too compare! AMAZING!!!

    • There’s something very special about these golden eyes and I too feel blessed to have met someone with them. And no, I couldn’t find photos of such eyes before and that’s why I made up my own photo. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one to feel amazed by such an encounter. Thanks for stopping by!

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