101 in 1001 update – April 2012

I haven’t done a “101 in 1001” update since late December 2011 but it doesn’t mean I haven’t worked on my list. I actually have several items to cross off, and it’s always a good feeling. But I’ve also taken a close look at my list and decided to change a few of my challenges. Some of them have not been that “challenging” and there are other things I’d really like to get done instead. So, here we go…

3) Grow food plants in the garden (Spring 2012) (1/1) – DONE
I’ve managed to grow a good amount of produce in my garden this past winter and spring, including more chard and some new leeks (I just made my first potato leek soup this week). I’ve grown green and read leaf lettuce.

Red leaf and green leaf lettuce in my garden

Red leaf and green leaf lettuce in my garden

I’ve also grown a lot of sugar snap peas. If you don’t have a green thumb, peas are for you. As long as you provide them with something to attach to as they grow, you should get good results.

Sugar snap peas grow in my garden

Sugar snap peas grow in my garden

My raspberry bushes used to be tiny but they’re now growing new shoots like crazy. I’m looking forward to a great crop this summer (we’ve actually eaten several raspberries in the past month).

12) Buy new tools to replace those missing from my tool box (1/1) – DONE
My husband recently sorted through his garage drawers and gave me back the tools he borrowed from me in the past. The good thing is, I probably won’t need to buy new tools now and I can cross this item off.

19) Clean out and organize the kids’ closets (1/1) – DONE
I still have a few bags of clothes to sell or give away but the baby clothes are gone and the bigger size clothes are sorted by size. No more cardboard boxes full of “stuff” either!

25) Create a kid’s art & craft box easy to access (1/1) – DONE
Technically, it’s not a box but a tower of storage bins we got at IKEA. It fits perfectly in our closet and kids can now get their art supplies on their own. And they do so, every day.

IKEA storage bins

IKEA storage bins

38) Post once a day to my Every Day I See a Cow blog until December 31, 2011 (244/244) – DONE
Seeing cows every day was the easy part of this challenge. The hard part was blogging about it 365 days in a row. I still post three or four times a week if you want to see the wacky cows I stumble upon. I highlighted the Top 10 best cows of 2011 here.

45) Read 30 literature classics (1/30)
I recently read The Awakening by Kate Chopin. One down, 29 more to go!

52) Create an Excel spreadsheet for my business expenses and income for 2011 (1/1) – DONE
53) Track and document my business deductions and receipts for 2011 (1/1) – DONE
I didn’t start working on these two tasks until a month before the tax deadline but I managed to complete them and do our taxes by early April. Needless to say, I don’t want to wait until the last minute/month next year.

61) Have 10 family picnics (3/10)
I’ve had two more picnics with the boys these past few months. You’d think it’s a easy task but the main challenge is finding food the kids will eat besides chips. They’re not crazy about sandwiches and my youngest doesn’t eat raw veggies so it’s hard to provide a balanced, healthy meal. I’m open to your suggestions!

87) NEW – take a relaxing bath once a week (0/93)
Stef at Smile, kiddo suggested I take baths to relax so it’s now on my list. I can’t remember the last time I took a bath (in case you’re wondering, yes, I do take showers on a regular basis). I didn’t realize how much I miss it until she mentioned it.

88) NEW – Stop biting my nails (0/1) (it replaces Take my vitamins every day)
Call me nuts but Kristen at Motherese has challenged me inspired me to stop biting my nails, after sharing some tips that seem to work for a lifelong nailbiter like her. I chickened out when I originally created this list but I think it doesn’t hurt to try.

90) NEW – Write three things I’m grateful for every day for a month (0/30) (it replaces Drink Diet Coke only twice a week)
I’ve been doing really well when it comes to limiting my intake of Diet Coke. Last time I drank some (actually, it was more “a lot” of it), I didn’t feel good afterwards so I don’t think I’ll be drinking it often. Again, Stef at Smile, kiddo gave me the idea or writing down my daily gratitudes for a month. I’m not sure when I’ll be starting this but I’m excited about the experiment.

Finally, we have some newcomers since my last update so feel free to visit them. Welcome,everyone!

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30 responses to “101 in 1001 update – April 2012

  1. First of all, I’m impressed. Your goals are lofty. Secondly, it appears I would be able to grow snap peas, because my thumb is greener than the Grinch’s. And thirdly, I am pleased to hear that you shower. Hygiene is always important. ;)

    • Thank you! I thought the hardest part of this challenge was to come up with my list of 101 tasks, but getting them done one by one really is quite an accomplishment. I’m not sure I’ll get it all done but at least this gives me a chance to try. If you like sugar snap peas, try them. Although my friend just told me today that she tried and as soon as they started to grow, gophers came from underground and pulled the large seedlings in. At least my damn squirrels leave my peas alone!

      • That’s true–I forgot about all of the bunnies and deer that eat our flowers. Don’t think garden fare would last. And we live in town!

      • Deer (and possibly bunnies) are easy. You just need to get some of that garden mesh to wrap about your veggies. The damn squirrels chew through it so unfortunately it doesn’t work. My last resort is putting cages over my produce but I can’t buy them anywhere and I have zero time to make them myself… So for now, I’m growing things squirrels are not too crazy about but I’d love to grow things we enjoy, like melons.

  2. Your vegetables look fantastic, and your kid’s stuff organization is terrific! I’m delighted that I was able to provide some inspiration for a few of your 101 list items. :)

    • P.S. And thank you for the warm welcome!

    • What I manage to grow in my garden really is a miracle. I have to compete with very selfish and hungry lizards and mostly squirrels. Nothing I do seems to keep them away, and I’ve tried a lot of things so far.

      • We have a huge rabbit population that loves to munch on our landscaping (and I’m sure they would devour garden foods if we chose to plant them). Fortunately for rabbits, keeping them away is a relatively easy solution (i.e., mesh fencing).

      • Unfortunately I found out mesh fencing doesn’t keep squirrels away. They just chew through the damn thing! I wish I could find some protective cages but I haven’t found them anywhere and I just can’t find the time to build them. I might before next spring though, because I really want to grow melons.

      • Yikes, those are some powerful teeth! Melons sound tasty; I hope you find a solution that works for you.

  3. You have done very well! I like the IKEA unit.

  4. I am VERY impressed! And a little jealous!

  5. I love your list! I should do one too…the first one will be “make more time in the day.” I bite my nails too and usually don’t care enough to stop…and then other days I look down and grimace and get mad at myself at mutilating my nails so bad. It’s a seesaw existence. I like the gratitude item you made too–to take note of what you’re grateful for each day. Thanks for sharing…and good luck whittling down your list.

    • Make more time in the day… I so would like to put it on my list but I’m not sure I’d manage to get it done. As for the nails, I’ll let you know how it goes, once I decide to start it. I’ll probably wait a few weeks for this one. I’ve actually read the best time to start a new habit or start an old one is when you’re away on vacation, where your routine is different. So I may try it this way. Maybe you could too during one of your trips in the wild.

  6. Fantastic!!! You’ve been charging through your list since December!!!

    I think it’s good that you adapted your list. I try to bathe once a week with some nice bubble bath or bath salts, you’re right, it really is relaxing.

    We have those IKEA storage units too. Aren’t they just brilliant?

    I’m so impressed with your veggies. I love green and red lettuce too. I might buy a raspberry bush…

    • I’m glad you like my IKEA storage bins. ;-) Really, nobody else sells that stuff, who knows why. You won’t believe it but I planted more stuff in the garden this weekend, more on a couple of items on my list. I guess I’ll have an update in May! I do want to change a few more items anyway so it would be a good opportunity.

  7. I’ve been thinking about picnic ideas for you.

    Two of my kids aren’t keen on veggies either so when we picnic I tend to take a lot of fruit with me. Grapes are particularly good. I wash/slice it all and put it in plastic tubs. Other good ideas: bread sticks (perhaps a dip too), cold hard boiled eggs, homemade musili bars (you could make them a day or two before with the boys), cous cous salad in funky pots.

    I read a great tip somewhere: freeze Capri Sun and then take with you for picnicsor put in packed lunches for trips. They keep the other food cold and fresh and the kids love them because it’s like a slush!!

    • My youngest likes fruit so I can do that for him instead of raw veggies. His older brother eats many veggies so I’m not worried about him. Hard boiled eggs would be a great idea except they don’t like them (they’ll eat scrambled eggs). I always end up with crackers, fruit, cheesesticks but they often skip this one. I’d love them to have some protein while we’re out (cheese should be easy, right?) but it’s always an issue. I think the point is to keep trying so they get used to it and eventually eat what they’re supposed to.

  8. Picnic ideas: do they like cold cooked sausages? Pork Pie? Home made Pizza slices / cold cooked chicken? My two always loved self assembly – so I’d take a French stick and bits and pieces and let them fill the bread.

    You could get a wide necked thermos and take something warm with you, which can be fun on cold days. Stews with carrots and potatoes in them already could give a blanced meal. Nutritious soups, with alphabet pasta in?

  9. Definitely showing progress and promise!

    Here’s some ideas for #61:

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