Catching up on a few blog awards

You like me, you really like me!

Sally Field giving her Oscar acceptance speech

Sally Field giving her Oscar acceptance speech

I’m always thankful when a fellow blogger enjoys my blog enough to offer me an award. Well, that’s until I realize I have write an acceptance speech and disclose my four-number ATM pin (don’t scroll down and look for it, you won’t find it). On top of that I have to pass the award on to other bloggers who haven’t received the same one already.

I’ll admit it, my favorite part about blog awards is reading the blogger’s response to the required exercise. Since they spend some time doing it, why couldn’t I do the same? Here are the two blog awards I received recently.

The Liebster Blog Award

Thank you, Vivian at Positive Parental Parenting for rewarding me. Let me share five things you may not know about me:

1) My #1 favorite food is Nutella and if I could live off it, I would. I like it on bread, pancakes, waffles, crepes, bananas, and my favorite, by the spoonful. Nutella is to French kids what peanut butter is to American kids. Let me tell you a secret. Nutella wins hands down.

2) I haven’t eaten beef (or pork, or lamb, or other read meats) for almost 25 years and I don’t miss it. I think it’s quite appropriate for someone who likes to blog about cows almost every day.

3) I’ve bitten my nails my whole life. I’ve tried and failed to stop many times. Kristen at Motherese shared her similar struggle but she seems to breaking the habit and offered a few tips. I have to make changes to my 101 in 1001 list and it may be time to put this one on there…

4) I hate spiders. As in, I really, really hate spiders. Nothing you can say will change my mind about those ugly, creepy-crawly creatures, especially when they suddenly appear on my bathroom or bedroom ceiling. I clearly couldn’t convert to Buddhism.

5) I don’t have cable TV and I like it. I unplugged almost three years ago and watch a few shows online instead. None of them are reality TV, and no, I don’t miss a thing.

Passing this award to other bloggers who haven’t already received it is tough, but here are a few blogs I enjoy reading and I encourage you to visit them:
Sarsm’s Blog – she has my crazy life + 2 more kids (yikes!)
Smile, kiddo – great thoughts on meditating and enjoying life’s great little moments
Pseu’s blog – beautiful photos and lovely writings
jmgoyder – sorry, I missed you in my original post… I really like this blog about peacocks, emus and the ups and downs of life and how a debilitating disease can affect a whole family

The Awsome Blog Content Award (ABC)

Thanks, Carrie at The Write Transition for this award. I encourage you to visit Carrie’s blog if you’re not a fan yet – she’s hilarious, in her own special way.

As a recipient of the ABC award, I’m supposed describe myself using every letter of the alphabet. Instead I thought I’d share my favorite American/English words. Here we go!

Amaze. I love stumbling upon the big and little moments that amaze me.

Brownie. My favorite American dessert (at least until I get to the letter I)

Crickey! (R.I.P. Steve Irwin, my favorite crocodile hunter)

Delicious. Just the sound of it makes me salivate.

Epiphany. We could all use one of these once in a while.

F*&k. Sorry if I offend you but it’s my favorite swear word. There’s no other f*&cking word you can use in any f*&cking sentence and people understand what it f*&cking means.

Gobbledygook. I dare you to say this word with a straight face.

Hug. A short and simple word for something that feels so good.

Ice Cream. My other favorite American dessert. Rocky Road is yummy but anything with brownie pieces (letter B) in there is delicious (letter D).

Joy. As when I watch my kids playing together and laughing. Pure joy.

Kindness. This world would be a much better place with a little more kindness going around.

Life. Life is beautiful, magical and precious. Let’s enjoy the ride.

Mama. I never get tired of hearing it (unless it comes with a whining intonation).

Nincompoop. The funniest sounding insult and I couldn’t use it without giggling, so I don’t.

Oxymoron. A nice word when you don’t want to directly call someone a moron, and instead pretend to just target their words.

Please. One of the most powerful magic words.

Quiet. I wish I had more of it once in a while, but I enjoy every bit I get.

Reading. One of my favorite activities, especially when it’s quiet.

Superfragilisticexpialidocious. I’m a Mary Poppins fan, even though I can’t say the damn word.

Thanks. The other most powerful magic word.

Unique. Everyone, starting early on in school, tries to force us into fitting a set mold. What’s wrong with each of us embracing our uniqueness and making the world more diverse and interesting?

Voila. A French word 99% of Americans actually understand and use properly.

Wonder. Never stop wondering, what if?

Xerox. One of those company names that eventually entered the dictionary as a common name to describe the action of photocopying. Take that, Google!

Yes. One word that tends to open doors of opportunity.

Zigzag. A word that sounds just like what it means.

Here are the bloggers I’m punishing I’m rewarding by offering this award:
Sarsm’s Blog – yes, I already gave her the Liebster award but she deserves more than one for everything she puts up with every day.
Motherese – beautiful writings and thoughts on motherhood.
Positive Parental Parenting – because she does have really good content.

Congratulations, everyone!

27 responses to “Catching up on a few blog awards

  1. Catherine Johnson

    Congrats on your awards, I miss Steve Irwin too :(

  2. We seem to share dietary preferences. I have not had red meat for over 12 years and don’t miss it, and I love brownies and ice cream, preferably together, with a dab of hot fudge to top the whole thing off. Not sure about the Nutella. Will have to give it a go.

    Creative post. Loved it! Even though you referred to me as “special”, which in quotes, takes on a whole other connotation. :)

    • If you’ve never had Nutella, you really should try it. And if you don’t like it, you can send me the leftover jar. As for special, I meant it as unique, not like special ed.

      • I figured you didn’t mean I was “special” like special ed, so I wanted to set the record straight. Because I am. Of course, anyone willing to take a leftover jar of someone else’s Nutella might be, too…(And of course, I am having fun–is never my intent to offend. :))

        Thanks for giving me some smiles and laughs. They are always welcomed. :)

      • I’m sorry but if you decide you don’t like Nutella, you can’t let the jar go to waste. You’d better like it anyway…

  3. I bite my nails too. I wish I could stop. I’ll have to read the post you highlighted for ways to stop. I have stopped before for like a year, and then started again. Sigh. Fun post. It is fun seeing how people answer their awards.

    • I just bought my nail strengthener and my cuticle remover, so I’m going to give it a try one more time. If I don’t bite my nails, I chew a lot of sugarless gum. One habit hurts my teeth, the other my jaw joints. I can’t win!

  4. Thanks for the mention!!

  5. Milka…Thank you so much!!! The ABC Award is a new one for me…and I love it…well, that makes sense because I am usually surrounded with little ones who are learning their ABC’s. :)
    Congratulations…you are an “amazing” person…a wonderful “mama” and a “joy” of a blogger!

  6. Nutella! Nutella! That’s a staple in our house. Soooo good!

  7. Thank you for the award! I wrote a response for this very award a few months back – you can find it here:

    I’ve also done the alphabet exercise with gratitudes – you can find that one here:

    And of course, you know where I stand on Nutella:

    Thank you for thinking of me, and for encouraging others to visit my blog; I really appreciate it! :)

    • Oops, I didn’t know you got the award already but I’m glad to did, and now twice! I like your gratitude alphabet, cool idea.
      As for Nutella, I want to hear when you try it again on crepes (remember to use extra). If you still don’t like it, you’ll have to travel to Paris and eat one from one of the street vendors.

      • I will let you know when I try a crepe again – with LOADS of Nutella. :)

        I suspect I would like darn near anything consumed in France. ;)

      • As a vegetarian, it’s actually pretty hard to eat out in France. Most dishes include some type of meat so you often end up with a plate of vegetables…

        I took my kids for the first time to see my family a couple of years ago and they didn’t want to eat anything besides pastries and cookies! Everything is prepared differently and I don’t think I specifically made American foods at home but they still had a hard time finding foods they’d eat. My French friend made the same remark when she took her daughter there so I don’t feel so awful for my kids not liking the food I grew up on.

      • That’s interesting! I wouldn’t have thought that to be the case – I wonder why the fare seems so different there? Then again, the pastries and cookies seem pretty fantastic – as a kid, I’d probably want to focus on those, too. ;)

      • A good example is broccoli. My kids like it but it’s not a produce staple in France. And good luck finding soy hot dogs!

  8. I love the alphabet! I’ll beetle off and visit your other nominated awardees.

    Thank you for offering the award: I am delighted you think I deserve one, but I will gracefully decline.
    (I made a decision a little while ago: one award a year max)

  9. Thanks for the award, Milka! And I was glad to eavesdrop on your conversation with Stef about nutella and crepes. That’s my favorite way to eat nutella. We have a Tour de France party every summer and we serve crepes: the nutella ones are always the most popular.

    And how did I not know that you are also a vegetarian? We are alike in more ways than I realized – well, except for my turtle approach to closet cleaning, that is. ;)

    • Maybe Stef needs to join your summer party to understand why crepes with Nutella are so good… As for the vegetarian part, I know Stef is a true vegetarian. I personally do eat some chicken and seafood/fish, but no red meat at all.

  10. Thank you so, so much!!

    When I read through your responses, I expected to read N for Nutella and K for Ketchup…
    I actually think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like Nutella.

    I, too, am a fan of Mary Poppins, hugs and a bit of politeness goes a long way.

    But my favourite word from your ABC award is UNIQUE.

    I really can see just why we get on… ;-)

    • You know, I’ve been able to limit my ketchup intake and I’m pretty proud. Same thing with Diet Coke, which tends to make me feel sick if I drink too much of it at once, so I may just stop it all together.
      As for the unique part, I wish our societies saw our uniqueness as an asset to allow creativity, innovation and open-mindedness. Unfortunately everyone works very hard to crush that down early on and tries to turn us into drones. This may have worked during the industrial revolution where we needed a lot of compliant factory workers, but in this uncertain 21th century, differentiation is what will allow societies to keep growing…

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