WWW Wednesdays – March 28, 2012

WWW Wednesdays

I managed to finish two books this past week. Not because I had a lot of time to read (I didn’t) but because I realized I only had a few days to read one of them before my book club meeting. I then found out I couldn’t renew the other book at the library. It was due two days later and I was only three chapters into it. Can you say speed-reading? Phew, I made it!

My bookshelf

The Necromancer by Michael Scott

The Necromancer by Michael Scott

– What I’m currently reading
I’ve just started  The Necromancer (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel) by Michael Scott, the sequel to The Sorceress, which I finished a few weeks ago. It continues right where the previous book left off and I’m already sucked in. I have a feeling this is going to be a quick read…

– What I recently finished reading
The Awakening by Kate Chopin. I understand this book’s original title was “A Solitary Soul”, which makes more sense as you read the story. I can’t help but feel sorry for Edna Montpellier, who lives a boring life with no true purpose. Today this lady would be reading “self-help” books but at the time, she got poor advice from the people surrounding her and got lost along the way. The writing itself is very pretty and poetic and the story is short and easy to read.
The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey by Trenton Lee Stewart. The plot of this book is SO much better than the first Mysterious Benedict Society. The author takes time to develop the characters and the story is not as wacky as in the first book. I’d definitely recommend it for teen readers and adults alike who are interested in adventure, peril and riddles.
– What I think I’ll read next
I’m actually not sure since I have no more books from the library waiting on my bookshelf but I just ordered a few more. If I don’t get them in time I’m done with my current book, I’ll probably grab a book off my personal bookshelf.
My kids’ bookshelf

The Princess and the Pig by Jonathan EmmetWhat they’re currently reading
The Princess and The Pig by Jonathan Emmet. Priscilla the baby princess accidentally switches places with Pigmella, the farmer’s piglet. Every event following this switch is “what happens in fairy tales”, citing several of them. Even though this book is about a princess, my two boys loved it. It’s a very, very funny book.

We’ve also been reading and re-reading several hilarious Irving & Muktuk books by Daniel Pinkwater, including Bad Bears Visiting and Bad Bear Detectives. These two have to be the funniest polar bears in the children’s book world. Who knew polar bears liked blueberry muffins so much?

What they recently finished reading
Dear Tabby by Carolyn Crimi. A feline advice columnist (get it, Dear “Tabby”?) helps other animals with their problems, including a parrot who talks too much and a cat who complains about being pampered and spoiled.
No more monsters for me! by Peggy Parish. Minneapolis Simpkin’s mom (I’m not making this up, it really is the girl’s name) tells her she can’t have a pet so she decides to bring home a monster she finds outside. Unfortunately it gets bigger and bigger in the basement and now Minneapolis needs to get rid of it. 
Johnny Boo : The Best Little Ghost in the World! by James Kochalka. Presented in a comic book format, Johnny Boo and his friend Squiggle are both ghosts and decide to have some ice cream. Unfortunately the ice cream monster shows up and causes mayhem.

– What I think they’ll read next
I have a lot of new books to pick up at the library and I didn’t look at the list very closely so it will be a nice surprise to discover what they all are.

What about you? Any books you or your kids are reading you’d like to share?

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16 responses to “WWW Wednesdays – March 28, 2012

  1. I think your WWW Wednesday is a clever idea. I always enjoy seeing what you are up to in the reading department (and your children as it takes me back to my own kids’ early years. :) )

    • Thanks. I like sharing what I read at the moment (I really don’t stick to a specific subject) and I’ve picked up book ideas from other bloggers (like you). By the way, my library doesn’t carry any Barbara Kyle books. At least, not yet. :-(

      • Quelle dommage about the Barbara Kyle books. (Did I get that right? I’m pulling that French out of my cerebral pits. I think you mentioned you were French :) ) I’m surprised, too, because I think her historical fiction series was traditionally published. I’m reading “The Experiment” right now, and it does not disappoint. She’s a talented writer. I love when I can turn off my internal editor while reading, which I am able to do with her books.

      • That would be “quel dommage”, et oui, it’s a pity. But the San Diego County library is linked to hundreds of other public and university libraries in the state so I’m going to look again and search out of network. We’ll see…

      • Bonne chance! (Think I got the gender right that time. :) )

      • You’re correct. I did check the system and the other libraries only have some of her “older” books. I’ll give them a few months and check again. Fortunately I have a lot of books on my to-read list to keep me busy in the meantime!

  2. Hi Milka,
    Love your choices…and I’ll have to check out the Princess and the PIg…sounds adorable!

  3. I do so much miss having the time (or taking the time) to read endlessly. My writing suffers when I do not read.

    Great post.


    • Unfortunately I tend to sacrifice sleep hours to make room for reading. But I do agree the more you read, the better you write so it’s a good daily habit to have and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. “The Awakening” has been on my list to read! :)

  5. I love all your reading ideas. I put a plug in for you on my blog with awards (you can accept one or all of them…or run far away from me).

  6. I’m reading “She’s Come Undone” by Wally Lamb. It’s engaging . . . and “real.”

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