WordPress weekly photo challenge: Unusual

WARNING: Photo below not for the squeamish…

When you have kids, life is anything but usual. As much as you try to establish a routine, things can get off track pretty easily and test your parenting skills. But I believe most of us wouldn’t have it any other way, right?

On top of that, so many things can happen during any given day. Some of them are unexpected, even unusual. One November day last year, an uninvited visitor decided to stick itself right on our sliding window.

I took this picture and then realized my close-up effect made the grasshopper look humongous and quite threatening. My only regret was not to have cleaner windows for the occasion…

Grasshopper visits us on the window

Grasshopper visits us on the window

This guy was pretty big (about two inches long) but not as long as the gigantic grasshoppers we sometimes see in our yard. The funny thing is, it wouldn’t get off the window, no matter how hard the kids banged on it. But hey, how often do they get to see a grasshopper up close?

And if this grasshopper’s close-up  is not unusual enough for you, hopefully this will do it – two ducks take a stroll in our backyard… Go ahead, guys, make yourselves at home!

Ducks walking in our backyard

Ducks walking in our backyard

14 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Unusual

  1. Catherine Johnson

    That’s so cool and the grasshopper even looks like he’s smiling :)

    • The insisten uninvited guest sure wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Spooky. I’ll take the ducks any day although they don’t want to leave either. One day I had one enter my garage expecting me to give it food!

  2. Wow, you’ve got a regular animal reserve going on there. Great pics! And believe me, those windows are crystal clear compared to mine. :)

  3. That grasshopper picture is a prize-winner and you’re right – it looks gigantic!
    So do you often get duck visitors?

    • Thanks! I think the grasshopper on the other side of the window was a once in a lifetime opportunity. As for ducks, we usually see them on the street, sometimes in the driveway, and once in front of my front door and even into my garage… We live right by the San Diego River and there are tons of ducks there. Every day a group of them likes to take a stroll up and down our street but I’ve only seen them once in the backyard. And I even had the thought to take a picture of it!

  4. What a great photo! I am fascinated by grasshoppers and dragonflies and I love the detail you captured in your shot.

    Spring (or more like summer, actually) has sprung here so we’ve been seeing lots of animals in our backyard. I’m looking forward to seeing this year’s crop of fawns. So cute!

    • Thanks for the photo compliment! Sometimes you don’t know how a photo turns out until you really look at it.

      I don’t expect to see any mule deer in my backyard but we’ve got some in the hills and moutains. One thing I wished would stop visiting my yard is the squirrels, who like to eat the fruits of my efforts in the garden before I ever get to it. I’m not limited to growing things they won’t eat…

  5. That grasshopper picture is awesome! I swear he is grinning

  6. My boys would say, “That grasshopper is so awesome!” There’s something about boys and critters. Mine love to hunt for salamanders, worms, bees, frogs, etc. Great picture!

    • Thanks! Boys do like critters and other gross stuff. My youngest is a little freaked out by the lizards who tend to visit our backyard but he’s fascinated when we see one while hiking somewhere. Bees, I’m not so crazy about and I ask them to leave them alone to do their job. I love to hear their buzzing sounds when they’re doing their job together.

  7. What a brilliant picture. I can just imagine the boys banging on the window…

    • That darn thing wouldn’t get off the window! We’ve had giant grasshoppers (and smaller ones) visit our backyard and you’d think they own the place. So not afraid of humans. And they know they’re too gross for us to shoo them away!

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