WordPress weekly photo challenge: Contrast

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sunrises are one of my favorite times of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I love sunsets too, and I love sunlight late in the day. I’m a big fan of Daylight Savings Time and the bright evening hours that come with it. I know I get to sleep an extra hour when DST ends in the fall but I’d sleep an hour less to get my evening sunlight back. Oh wait, I got it back this weekend, yeah!

Sure, Daylight Savings Time (beginning or end) always messes up kids and pets for several days, but boy, did we enjoy that bright hour after dinner last night. Of course, I forgot to tell the kids they’d wake up in the dark on Monday morning so they were in for a surprise. I could hear them argue in their room.

“It’s 6:45, time to get up.”

“But it’s still dark outside, time to sleep.”

I don’t like getting up in the dark either but I know it won’t last. Getting up before the sun also gives me the opportunity to watch more sunrises as I get ready for the day.

To illustrate the WordPress weekly photo challenge: contrast, I picked this beautiful sunrise I captured out of my bedroom window a couple of months ago. I love how the morning sun rays fiercely shine through the clouds, making the sunrise’s bright colors stand out in contrast to the dark woods below. The sky’s on fire!

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Contrast

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Contrast

Are you a fan of Daylight Savings Time too, or would you rather do without it?


15 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Contrast

  1. Your photo is breathtaking!!!!
    I also love sunsets…like someone took the most fabulous colors in a paint set and splashed them all over the sky!

    • Thanks for your compliment!

      I do love sunsets and they can be beautiful too. The funny thing is, most sunrises are just bright but not very colorful, so when I manage to capture such a vivid sunrise, I feel it’s quite a special way to start the day.

  2. What a lovely photo! DST doesn’t really mess with me much. I’m used to getting up in the dark, because I get up early to exercise. And I never feel too tired the day after the clock change. I just miss that hour on Saturday night! Much prefer the extra one we get in the fall. :)

    • Thank you!
      So you’re one of those people who can exercise in the morning, huh? I have no problem getting up early and my brain is quite productive then but my body hates the rapid movements then. I get nauseous and dizzy and it’s not worth the effort. Besides I find running after two active boys every day great exercise! ;-)

  3. What a beautiful photo!
    We have the daylight savings debate over here too but I am still to make up my mind!

  4. Great photo. I love the mornings. There is some unique quality about them, the coolness, stillness, the promise that they hold. I also love the sunsets, the spectacle of sun reflecting off clouds, pastels and blood! Great post and great pic!

    • Thank you! There are definitely some very special times of the day. I also love the still of the night, when you can hear a few birds outside (the relentless nightingales) and the crickets, but no city noises or people noises.

  5. I don’t think we need it anymore, with a 24 hour day of work.

  6. I love, love, love DST . . . I don’t miss the hour of light in the morning and love having another hour of light at night. :D

    • I can definitely waking up in the dark for a few months if it means I can enjoy daylight later in the evening. I love going on evening walks with the kids after dinner, especially in the summer when we’ve been hiding from the heat most of the day and it’s finally cooling down.

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