Turning four, my boy? Here’s a sure sign you’re getting old

I had just turned 30 when I received my first letter from the AARP (the American nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to the interests of its members, all over the age of 50). The letters have stopped now but I still get their email messages once in a while. I can’t imagine the influx of snail mail and emails I’ll be getting the day I actually turn 50. Not that I try to think too much about that either, by the way.

My youngest recently turned four and is very proud of his accomplishment. He walks around telling everyone he’s “four years old and a big boy.” A few days ago I took him to Panda Express for a quick lunch after preschool since we had to run some errands before picking up his brother at school.

Of course, no Chinese meal would be complete without fortune cookies. My son picked up his and this is what his fortune said:

Fortune cookie: happy when old

Fortune cookie: happy when old

Wow, this beats getting an AARP letter any day! Of course, my son asked what “senior years” meant. So I explained his fortune said, when you’re an old man, you’ll be happy. His answer? I’m a boy, not a man! I guess he’s got a few years before acquiring a sense of long-term vision…

Now there’s an ongoing joke to make Chinese cookie fortunes funnier and you may know it already. You just add “in bed” at the end of the fortune as you read it. It looks like my boy will have some good times when he’s an old man!

Have you ever had any fortunes that seemed completely inappropriate for your situation? Or some really great ones you’ve kept? I keep all of the fortunes telling me I’m going to be rich. You know me, I don’t want to jinx it.

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14 responses to “Turning four, my boy? Here’s a sure sign you’re getting old

  1. The worst is when you break open your cookie and find no fortune at all. Very disturbing. :)

  2. There’s nothing wrong with 50, kid! Haha!

  3. My favorite fortune: You will live a happy and peaceful life. :D

    I taped it to the top of my alarm clock . . . and changed the morning alarm to MUSIC.

  4. Happy belated birthday to your big boy/little man!

    Our local Chinese restaurant has the worst fortunes in their cookies. I wouldn’t even call them fortunes, more like proverbs. It’s hard not to feel like you’re missing out!

  5. Haha, my sister got a cookie with no fortune once and then her second one said to buy more cookies! LOL

    I love the little Chinese adding “in bed” part…I’m gonna try that from now on!

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