A child’s love will always trump nap time

My kids are getting to the age where they often could use an afternoon nap but do mostly fine without one, as long as they go to bed earlier at night. Still I try to enforce a few afternoon naps during the week, especially for my youngest one who needs a little more sleep than his brother.

A couple of days ago I managed to put the little one to sleep (well, technically he’s a big boy now he turned four) and I tried to entice his five-year old brother to do the same, but he seemed reluctant to volunteer. So I laid down on my bed with a book and offered him to lay down next to me and take a short nap.

He didn’t go for it and instead decided to go downstairs and draw. 10 minutes later, he came back in the bedroom and put this drawing on the bed next to me.

Batman drawing

Batman drawing

How cute. I like his sense of humor and he’s a great Batman fan. I quickly found out this drawing was the first of many more. He went back downstairs and several minutes later came back and delivered this drawing.

Mama drawing

Mama drawing

If you’ve never seen a picture of me, I really look like that. Really, the hair is very accurate. He then went back downstairs and soon came back with this drawing.

Heart drawing

Heart drawing

 It was soon followed by this note, in case I didn’t get the message from the heart drawing.

"I love you" note

"I love you" note

 Aw, I love you too, buddy. But wait, there’s more! This is the final note he delivered to me.

"Can you play with me" note

"Can you play with me" note

 Aw, how could I say no to this? Naptime is over, it’s play time!

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8 responses to “A child’s love will always trump nap time

  1. Oh my, you’ve warmed this crusty gal’s heart. How sweet is that?! Thanks so much for sharing that wonderful post. :)

  2. Wonderful post . . . and his Batman drawing is spot on! What a talented little guy you have there.

    The last note was definitely a call to arms!

    • How can I not love the kid? You should see some of his drawings, they’re pretty amazing for a five-year old. He can draw a perfect Buzz Lightyear with all the details and colors without looking at it once. He’s got a wonderful photographic memory, quite a rare talent. You can have him walk into a place he visited months before and he can spot everything that has changed since then. I’m jealous!

  3. I think you are very optimistic if this 5 year old will still nap!! My eldest gave up day time sleeps at about 2 and a half and the younger one was about 4…

    Def play time!

    • You wouldn’t believe how much he still needed his naps when he started Kindergarten. Now I make sure they both go to bed early so they have enough time to recuperate but sometimes it’s still not enough so I enforce a nap once of twice a week when I see them getting more cranky. His little brother needs more sleep too so I push for more naps with him. He can really fall apart in the evening when he’s tired. I can’t wait till nobody needs a nap though so we can go somewhere for the whole day more often.

  4. I fell into a trap with my eldest as he grew older…. thinking he needed more sleep, when in fact he needed less. I used to try to get him to bed following advice at about 7 pm and bed times grew into an horrendous time as he couldn’t switch off. When I let him stay up he went to bed more easily and slept more quickly! Each child is so different!

    • I have some friends who manage to get their kids in bed by 7pm, but then they get up at 5:30am! It’s pretty easy to figure out with kids if they’re sleeping enough, depending on their behavior, and some kids need more sleep than others, just like adults. I think the “sleepometer” is a pretty interesting parenting skill to develop.

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