WordPress weekly photo challenge: Down

As soon as I read this week’s Wordpress photo challenge, I knew what would be a great choice to illustrate the theme. As I found out a couple of months ago, going down is always easier than up, especially when little kids are involved.

I’ve started taking the kids hiking at a local San Diego regional park called Mission Trails to increase their endurance, reduce their whining when put under effort, and of course enjoy the nature we’re lucky to live close to. Unfortunately the first time I took them on the visitor center trail, I had no idea how it went. The map said it was “moderately easy” so I thought it’d be a piece of cake. That’s until we reached a GIANT long and steep hill after hiking up and down for over 40 minutes and the kids decided to give up on me. I ended up having to take turns carrying each of them up the hill so we could make it back to the car before the end of times lunchtime.

Besides this particular hill the trail is very nice – mostly in the shade in the morning, beautiful vistas, plants and animal, variable terrain, and a few trees the kids enjoy climbing along the way. So now we just take the trail the other way (it’s a loop) and this is what it looks like going down. So much easier!

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: down

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: down

 Unfortunately the trail curves to the right so I can’t take a photo from the very top to show you the very bottom. But trust me, it’s a long way down. The photo above shows what the hill looks like about a quarter of the way down. In the far distance you can see an uphill trail my kids said they’d really like to explore when they’re physically ready for it – I love their optimism and forward thinking!

This is what the hill going up looks like when you turn around. Argh, I’m getting painful flashbacks just looking at it…

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: down is easier than up

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: down is easier than up

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9 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Down

  1. I have only been to San Diego once but absolutely loved it. Next time I go, I’ll have to check out that park. Sounds lovely!

    • There are beautiful places to visit very close to San Diego and a little further. Unfortunately a lot of lovely areas burned down in the wildfires of 2003 and 2008 (including parts of this park) and it takes a very long time to regrow. I tell my kids at least once a week how lucky they are to live here because of the weather and numerous things to do.

  2. Good for you getting the kids out and about to hike in the fresh air. Looks like a great place to hike . . . down. :D

    Sadly, what hikes down . . . must hike up.

    • They’re actually enjoying hiking more and more and I’m very glad because I love being in the middle of nature, feeling part of it. And yes, the trail goes back up, but it’s a lot of easy slopes and they don’t feel nearly as painful as this one. I really want to go hike there by myself or with a friend and go UP the hill for a good workout. Carrying 40-lb kids all the way up is not the type of exercise I’m interested in!

  3. When I saw your post I immediately thought of your husband falling down. How is he doing?

  4. This looks like a beautiful park for hiking. Here are some tips for hiking with kids and photos from a recent walk. Enjoy!

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