A new meaning to Presidents’ Day

Last night, as I was cuddling with my three-year old in his bed before he went to sleep, I asked him what he’d like to do the next day. I reminded him it was Presidents’ Day and although it was a Monday, there’d be no school.

It took him a few seconds to respond and this is what came out of his mouth:

“Do we get presents on Presents’ Day?”

And just for that, I think he deserves a present because I couldn’t help laughing (in a good way) at his wonderful confusion. At least his birthday is coming up next weekend so he won’t have long to wait for his own Presents’ Day.

My kids still say the darndest things…

Mount Rushmore - Presidents' Day

Mount Rushmore - Presidents' Day

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10 responses to “A new meaning to Presidents’ Day

  1. So sweet! Loved your post! Many years ago, Art Linkletter had a show called, “Kids Say the Darndest Things”…and they do. :)

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    That’s just SO lovely. Oh, those moments are precious, so precious – and you’ve done exactly what I would: shared it :) Thanks for sharing, it made me smile.

  3. Aw so cute!!! He definitely deserves a present for that one.

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