WWW Wednesdays – February 15, 2012

WWW Wednesdays

My bookshelf

The Magician (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel) by Michael Scott– What I’m currently reading
The Magician (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel) by Michael Scott, the sequel to The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. The pace of the first book was a little slow in the beginning because it took time to introduce all the characters. This second book picks right up where the first one let off and doesn’t stop. I still have about 50 pages to go and it’s a nailbiter (as if I needed another reason to bite my nails).

– What I recently finished reading
The Innocent by Harlan Coben. A really good book, with lots of characters that don’t seem connected in the beginning but Coben does a great job at tying things up nicely all the way to the very last chapter.

– What I think I’ll read next
Harlan Coben’s Tell No One, along with the French movie adaptation, are waiting for me at the library and I can’t wait to read it!

My kids’ bookshelfMinnie & Moo and the musk of Zorro

What they’re currently reading
Lots of Minnie & Moo books by Denys Cazet! These two cows are hilarious and some of our favorite adventures are:
Minnie and Moo: The Case of the Missing Jelly Donut (the donut ends up not missing, but rather stuck on Minnie’s bottom as she sat on it)
Minnie and Moo Go to Paris (and also to Africa and China…)
Minnie and Moo and the Musk of Zorro (Zip! Zap! Zip!)

What they recently finished reading
Two greedy bears (adapted from a Hungarian folk tale) by Mirra Ginsburg. A clever fox teaches two brother bears a lesson about greed. A great lesson for kids who always want “the bigger piece”.
Mouse Soup by Arnold Lobel. A clever mouse convinces a weasel he needs to gather specific ingredients from several stories to make a tasty mouse soup.
Hedgehug : a Sharp Lesson in Love by Dan Pinto. Hedgehug would like to find someone to love on Valentine’s Day but all the animals are too scared of his prickly coat to hug him. Will Hedhug find true love? A very cute story, Valentine’s Day or not.

– What I think they’ll read next
I’m actually not sure but the element of surprise is part of the fun of reading.

What about you? Any books you or your kids are reading you’d like to share?

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