WordPress weekly photo challenge: Regret

I try to live my life without regrets simply because I find the feeling unproductive and overwhelmingly negative. However the one thing I do almost every day that causes regret is taking pictures. I can’t remember how many times I’ve found myself in a situation where I was poorly equipped. A great scene with the kids, a beautiful sky, an inspiring sunset and… no camera.

Until a year ago, my cell phone featured a 1MP camera, so it was pretty much useless and I tended to carry my good digital camera around with me. Then I upgraded to a 3MP camera phone and started thinking it may be enough when I’m on the go. Honestly, it’s not. It does poorly in low light conditions and even worse when my kids squirm around.

Here’s a photo I took at SeaWorld San Diego a few months ago in the new sea turtle exhibit. The tank is absolutely gorgeous and makes you feel like you’re snorkeling among dozens of sea turtles. But when I tried to capture this lovely moment with my phone camera, all I got was this stinking picture. And now our SeaWorld passes are expired. Regret!

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Regret

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Regret

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6 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Regret

  1. I attended an after hours reception at the Florida Aquarium last week and used my digital camera to take photos . . . they are AWFUL!

    Much WORSE than the photo you took with your cell phone. ;)

    • Haha, thank you, you make me feel so much better! I’ve gone to the San Diego Birch Aquarium and managed to take a few pictures that looked decent, but digital cameras are terrible at taking good indoor aquarium photos. I have my eye on the brand new Canon camera coming out this spring and it may actually do the job. Now I just need $800…

  2. Sometimes I think those ‘missed’ photos are somehow indelible anyway.

  3. I think that the picture looks pretty good – but that’s because I’m such an amateur when it comes to photography ie I have no clue!

    Like you, I don’t like regret. If something negative happens I try to learn from it and take it as a lesson in life.

    If I did have to say something it would probably missed opportunity. But I think really, I wouldn’t be where I am now if I’d taken those opportunities and now I’m happy, so why should I regret missing them?

    • Right? Whatever happened, happened. You need to make the best of it, learn your lesson and move on. So many people hang on to the past (“if only…”) and they don’t look at what they could change in the future to achieve their goals. Pretty sad.

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