WordPress weekly photo challenge: Hope

There’s something about sunrises I find inspiring. They always mark the beginning of a new day, new experiences, and new feelings. Since the sun gets up later in the winter, right now we share the same wake-up time and it helps me start the day refreshed.

With every sunrise come new beginnings and a large dose of hope. The more beautiful the sunrise, the more hope I feel. I took this picture a few weeks ago. The sun was so determined ang hopeful, it set the clouds on fire.

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Hope
WordPress weekly photo challenge: Hope

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8 responses to “WordPress weekly photo challenge: Hope

  1. that’s a wonderful picture. And I hope you’re husband is progressing well. What work does he do… and are they being sympathetic about his injuries?

    • Thanks, I’m pretty happy with the way the picture turned out. It was a beautiful sunrise.

      My husband does technical product support and his company has been very supportive. He’s starting all day rehab next week so I hope it will help his recovery. His cognitive skills and his memory need a lot of sharpening. He has a hard time even figuring out how to get to a store 5 minutes away from home. And no, he’s not driving!

  2. I hope that you and your husband start seeing some real improvement.

  3. Thank you for the beautiful photos…I love the sunrise…and the sunset…I guess I just love the sun…good thing I live in Colorado where we have over 330 sunny days a year!
    Glad to read in the above comments that your husband is improving. I know it will be a long hard journey…but, as your post describes, with hope and faith…all things are possible. :)
    I pray for strength for both of you!

    • I live a little East of San Diego, past the hills so we get a lot of sunshine here too. San Diego itself gets more cloudy days because of the lingering marine layer, especially in the spring and winter. None of that here!

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