Like father, like son

I want to take the time to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and comments regarding my husband, who is still being treated for a traumatic head injury in the hospital (you can read what happened to him here if you missed it last week). I’ve been taking care of the boys by myself at home and my father-in-law is supposed to travel here shortly after my husband gets home to help out with his son and his rehab.

Taking care of two little active boys is quite a challenge on a normal basis and this hectic situation hasn’t helped but we manage from day to day. Last night, my three-year old found nothing better than jumping up on the bed and hit his brother’s head with his own forehead. His elder brother fared better than him and had no apparent swelling, but the little one ended up with a nice round bump on his forehead. We have ice packs in the freezer just for that. And in my opinion, we use them way too much.

Gosh, is he struggling to get some attention or what? I swear the kid is as reckless as his dad. He’s not even four yet so I guess he has an excuse to explain his poor judgement. I just hope he gets to grow out of it sooner than his father.

In the meantime, I think we probably should get this book at the library. What do you think?

Mr Bump by Roger Hargreaves

Mr Bump by Roger Hargreaves

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18 responses to “Like father, like son

  1. As a child in the UK, I grew up reading the Mr. Men. When I was five, my mother sent Roger Hargreaves a picture I had drawn of all the Mr. Men. He sent back an autographed picture of Mr. Funny that today hangs framed in my office.

    We have a 10-month-old son and did his nursery up in a Mr. Men theme, with Mr. Bump, Mr. Strong, and Mr. Bounce painted on the walls.

  2. That’s probably a good idea. I recommend Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, too.

    • Oh, I’m not sure about Five Little Monkeys. My kids have read the book many, many times and they love to jump on our bed singing the song! It’s definitely not having its intended purpose to advise caution.

  3. That series of books is a riot! There are a whole bunch of them, and many of them are quite funny. When I used to teach day care, we used to seek them out at the library, ’cause they were a big hit.

    Best wishes for your husband’s speedy and complete recovery!

  4. I’m impressed with your good humor and your “fortitude” in this challenging time. Love the book idea! :D

    Fingers crossed that your husband is home and healed SOON!

    • Thanks for your kind thoughts. I feel I don’t have a choice in the situation so I just go with the flow. Everybody at the hospital has been absolutely wonderful, keeping me up to date with my husband’s progress, his assessments, the plan of action. It’s really helped feeling at ease he’s getting the care he needs to recover. He’s going to need rehab for several months but the doctor thinks he should recover completely, so fingers crossed.

  5. Mr Bump was actually written in my honour. Well, I spent a lot of my childhood thinking I must be related to Mr Bump. And my adulthood has not changed my mind.

    Yesterday, I managed to burn myself on a cup. I have blistered fingers to prove it. How is that even possible? ON A CUP!!!

    Glad your father-in-law’s on his way.

    • Oh, I burn myself all the time, trying to grab things out of the toaster oven with my bare hands. Last night I banged my thumb on a door frame and popped a vein. It was very painful and turned purple and fat. Lovely. I’m a klutz and I don’t deny my kids take on after me, but my youngest is the best at hitting his head everywhere so I want to blame his dad for this one!

  6. So glad things are looking better for you.

  7. I’m so sorry I’ve been busy with my new baby I haven’t kept up with the blogs I follow & just saw this! So sorry about your husbands accident. Praying for a quick recovery & that he comes home happy & healthy SOON!
    Hang in there!!!

  8. Yes I did! A health baby boy! Keeping me busy I haven’t bogged in an ice-age but I’ll be back. So many stories…..
    Hope everything is ok & your husband is doing better.

    • He is doing better every day and was able to read some stories to the boys tonight, so it’s a good sign. Congratulations on your new baby boy! I can’t wait to read all about it. I hope his big sister is taking the news well. One piece of advice someone gave me one day that was very helpful was, never leave the elder with the baby alone at any time (they’re 19 months apart). One day I saw my elder dangling a very heavy wooden truck right on top of his baby brother’s head. I think he was just playing and showing him the truck but my heart skipped a beat or two! Your kids are going to have a lot of fun together (and a lot of fights about toys, or maybe not as much since they’re different sexes). Congrats again!

  9. I’m so sorry to hear about your husbands accident. I hope he heals quickly and is allowed to come home soon. x

  10. So pleased he’s making progress.

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