101 in 1001 challenge – October 2011 update

Can you believe it’s October 26 and I’m doing my “101 in 1001” update for what happened in September just today? What can I say, September has been a crazy, crazy month for me. My son’s kindergarten teacher quit after the first week of school. No, I’m not making this up, sometimes s*%t happens. Her replacement came in the class with no (and by that, I mean ZERO) teaching experience and left the class in chaos every day. No spot was available in another class so we decided to pull him out of a great opportunity to learn in a French immersion program and bring him back to our local school. During the transition period, he had hernia surgery. As common as it is, I worried about it. A lot. Before, during and after. I also picked up one more recurring client and a couple of projects, trying to squeeze work in between everything going on. The transition to the new school didn’t go well and I couldn’t wait for September to end, with October bringing better news. I want to tell you what happened in October but I need to save it for my next “101 in 1001” update. Hint: it’s not much better…

So here are the very few things I’ve managed to do in September. Sometimes, life takes a priority and you just have to deal with it. It would be nice to get a break once in a while, but I just have the feeling I’m not due for this yet.

Homegrown raspberries

Homegrown raspberries

2) Grow food plants in the garden (Summer / Fall 2011) (1/1) – DONE
I declared war on very rude squirrels who never gave my melons a chance to grow as they munched onthe fresh seedlings and melon flowers (morons!), but I still managed to grow a few other things, including raspberries and zucchini. I’ve planted new seeds for a winter crop, so let’s see what happens to them. Fingers crossed – my bad streak has to end at some point, right?.

64) Shop at a farmer’s market (1/1) – DONE
We visited a local farmer’s market where I managed to find some delicious green beans and plums. By the way, I’d have green beans out of my garden if the bugs and squirrels didn’t munch on them so much… We also bought home the most fragrant strawberries of the whole summer. Definitely something to do on a more regular basis, especially in the summer.

99) Take a class to learn something new (1/1) – DONE
This summer I took a class on writing children’s books. Although I want to focus on picture books for early readers, I learned a lot from this class and even got an idea for a chapter book. I don’t have time to entertain it further right now, but it will be a fun project down the road. Right, when I have time…

And please don’t ask me about the Health side of my 101 challenges. The summary is: I’m not eating great, I drink too much caffeine and I’m not sleeping even close to seven hours a night. I’m exhausted. Enough said.

So there’s a lot ot make up for October and only 5 days left in the month. I’m sorry this isn’t a very inspiring story for people who may consider joining us but it’s still a great thing to accomplish as a person. I just remember there is a reason for allocating 1001 days to do everything.I know when things settle down (even for a few minutes), I’ll take a look at my list again. It’s only a matter of time.

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6 responses to “101 in 1001 challenge – October 2011 update

  1. Doing better than I am with sticking to things AND you do have your hands full, so great job in what you have accomplished so far and here’s to a better November! :)

  2. Stress with a side of stress for dessert. Your poor little guy has had a tough time with school and surgery too, awww. And whatever is tough for our kids, is so tough on us moms. Good to see you posting! Hope you get a break.

    • Thanks for your kind words. I have so many post ideas/topics I want to write but life at home takes a priority. Then it’s on to paid writing projects and I have quite a lot to complete before the end of the month so I can bill them… I think some things are getting under control at school but if they don’t work out, I have a plan B, so I’m now looking for peace of mind.

  3. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Do what you can and let the rest go. I always do my deathbed test: if I don’t do this, will I regret it on my deathbed? If the answer is ‘no’, I let it go.

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