I want to get bigger so I can go on the Shamu swings

We started the three-day Memorial Day weekend by attending our town’s street fair on Saturday. This is the third year the town has held the event and it gets bigger and better every year. The fair takes place so close to our house, we put the kids in the double stroller and walked to it, enjoying the just-right sunny breezy weather.

While at the street fair we browsed a few hundreds of local vendor booths, went bankrupt buying rides for the kids, and enjoyed scrumptious artificially colored and flavored snow cones while listening to live bands. I actually don’t think you could find more shaved ice vendors anywhere else in the world than on this half-mile stretch! We managed to go through the whole Memorial Day weekend without eating anything off a BBQ grill but we couldn’t pass on the refreshing snow cones.

Carnival spinning swing ride

Carnival spinning swing ride

I walked around the fair with our oldest while my husband took our youngest to the kiddy rides he couldn’t wait to get on. When we got back together, my youngest spilled the beans. “Mama, I want to get bigger so I can go on the Shamu swings.” He was talking about a spinning swing ride decorated with dolphins and orcas. Apparently my daredevil barely-three-year-old son was dying to go on the ride, but since the swings were single-seated, he had to meet the height requirement. 42 inches, making my son about two inches too short. How disappointing. So his father told him he could go on the ride when he’s a little bigger.

That’s when it hit me. Wait, I’ve read this in a book before! Specifically Lauren Child’s Charlie and Lola: I Want to Be Much More Bigger Like You:

Lauren Child's Charlie and Lola: I want to be much more bigger like you

Lauren Child's Charlie and Lola: I want to be much more bigger like you

In this story Lola wants to go on the “Super Duper Loop-the-Looper” roller coaster ride but she’s been too small. So she tries a number of things to make herself grow bigger. Of course, the book ends with a funny twist so I won’t give the story away. Just like Lola, my youngest is suffering from “my body is too little but my mind thinks big” syndrome. Even his brother, who’s a year and a half older, was a little unsure of the spinning swing ride and skipped it. I hope they both feel big enough next year to try it out together.

On Sunday we had a funny encounter with the same swings, this time on the road. While we were driving around town, we saw a truck pulling the ride on a trailer and getting on the freeway. My youngest spotted it right away and exclaimed, “Why are they stealing the Shamu swings?” Haha, kids really do say the darndest things! (more darndest things here and here)

I hope you enjoyed a great long weekend, at least if you’re in the US. What’s the best thing about a three-day weekend? A four-day week right after it!

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2 responses to “I want to get bigger so I can go on the Shamu swings

  1. We go through this at our house too. My oldest is just starting to be able to handle most of the equipment at the park by himself while his younger brother still needs a lot of help. Suffice it to say, our Memorial Day also involved icy treats and little brothers wishing they were bigger.

    • I always tell my kids to enjoy who they are now because one day they’ll be too old to do something. The faces they make when they hear that are precious! That’s when they think I’ve completely loast my mind…

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