Boys and their destructive personality

I’m the mother of two little boys and I don’t have girls of my own, but I’ve watched enough girls act and interact to know the two genders behave quite differently. Even though girls often prefer playing with dolls and other “pink toys”, they don’t mind playing with cars and trucks if  there’s no other choice. Boys will play with dolls at an early age, but past the two-year-old mark, they won’t be caught alive playing with one. My oldest son’s favorite color used to be purple, then pick. Today his favorite colors are red and black, because pink is a “girl color”. I should have taken a picture of him the day I saw him wear a pink tutu at preschool. It could have come handy some day…

Another difference between boys and girls is their destructive and nurturing natures, respectively. We all know men have gone to wars for all or any reason, while women tend to rely on mediation and communication to solve conflict. When I watch my boys play, I witness a lot of crashing, pushing, shoving, smashing, banging. Fortunately that’s mostly with toys rather than each other. The other day, my three-year-old son created mayhem throughout the new Playmobil Farm set we just bought. I’m thinking All State Insurance should hire him to play the “Mayhem” character in their TV commercials – he’d be perfect.

The first thing I noticed were the cows in distress:

Mayhem at the Playmobil farm - cows in distress

Mayhem at the Playmobil farm - cows in distress

Oh my gosh, I gasped, what happened to the cows? My youngest proudly announced an earthquake had just hit the farm. I surveyed the surroundings and noticed the rest of the farm didn’t look much better. The garden had been hit, resulting in an uprooted tree and flowers blown everywhere (guess who had to pick them all up?):

Playmobil farm hit by an earthquake - uprooted tree and damaged flowers

Playmobil farm hit by an earthquake - uprooted tree and damaged flowers

The farmhouse is probably the one that suffered the most:

Playmobil farmhouse hit by an earthquake

Playmobil farmhouse hit by an earthquake

My oldest, who’s planning to become an expert in natural catastrophies, observed the farm didn’t get hit by an earthquake, but rather by a tornado. He’s right, tornadoes do create a lot of clean-up.

Fortunately for me, Playmobil toys are super sturdy and hard to break. I can’t say the same for our other toys including:
– Buzz Lightyear, whose wings don’t pop up anymore. One of them doesn’t flash because the wire has been severed.
– Motorcycles without steering wheels, cars without tires, car remote controls rendered useless without antennas
– Smashed down boxes, books with torn pages or ripped guts
– Mini fans without fan blades, stuffed animals without stuffing…

And then there’s the rest of the house, such as:
– Scratches on the couch, roken wall frames
– Holes in the wall and baseboard
– Dug up garden

I used to repair broken toys until I got tired of my labor going unappreciated. So I announced that all broken toys would end up in the trash and not be replaced, unless the boys wanted to use their piggy bank money to do so. They clearly don’t think it’s a good use of their money.

Then my oldest came up with a brilliant idea. Let’s make paper toys! They would cost no money and couldn’t break like the cheap plastic toys. Unfortunately he didn’t take in account his little brother’s destructive personality. We quickly found out paper is very easy to rip…

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6 responses to “Boys and their destructive personality

  1. OMG! That poor couch!

  2. Boys be boys! :0)

  3. Your links go to porn :/

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