I’m not a baby, I’m a boy!

Third birthday cake - dinosaur birthday cakeI’m not a baby, I’m a boy! That’s what our little guy often tells us, whenever we try to cuddle with him, and express our love and affection by calling him our “baby”. Today he turns three, so technically he’s right. He’s not a baby anymore. Not a toddler anymore either. But he’s also realistic and describes himself as a “little boy”, in comparison to his older brother (by only 19 months) who’s a “big boy”.

A few days ago, I read an online article from a new mom, who gets irritated by the unsolicited advice she receives from other parents. One piece of advice they often give her is, “Enjoy your kids while they’re little. They grow up fast.” Her reaction? Duh, of course they grow up, the clock never goes backwards. I can only guess this mom is still very new at her role. For those of us who have been parents for a while, we know that time goes by way faster than we could ever have imagined. The kids’ birthdays come and go, and then come again, taking us by surprise every time.

Three years ago, I held my youngest in my arms in a hospital room for the first time. Boy, he looked so mellow and happy. Compared to his brother who had to train me as a first-time breastfeeding mom, only took 45-minute naps, and suffered from GERD for many months, our second baby was so easy to take care of. He ate well, slept well, walked at nine months – his infant days were a breeze.

The only concern I had for him was that he barely spoke any words until he was almost two years old. Thank god for sign language! But then it happened. About one month before his second birthday, he started talking, in full sentences. His vocabulary widened and his sentences lengthened over the next year. Today he lectures me when I use the simpler term “T Rex” instead of the more accurate “Tyrannosaurus Rex.” Actually, I can’t complain. His fascination for dinosaurs has given me the opportunity to learn more dinosaur names and recognize more dinosaur pictures than I’ve ever thought I would.

This little chatterbox now competes with his babbling brother to see who will run out of breath first. I love to watch my two boys discuss imaginary play scenarios together, and then carry them out. Sometimes I stand outside of their bedroom after I turn off their light at night, just to listen to them chatting about everything and anything until they fall asleep.

So yes, our baby has turned into quite a grown-up, and it will be so much fun to watch him grow over the years. But in the end, he’ll always be my baby, no matter what.

Happy 3rd birthday, my boy! Enjoy your dinosaur birthday party tomorrow.

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4 responses to “I’m not a baby, I’m a boy!

  1. Happy third birthday to your ‘baby’. Wow! we just celebrated our ‘baby’ girl’s birthday 4 days ago and i’m still amazed at how fast she’s grown so yeah! they do grow fast! VERY FAST & i’m savouring and enjoying each and every minute!
    My only wish/ prayer is that we’d have a 2nd one so that my little girl can enjoy the companionship that your little boys have/ that only a sibling can give.
    Hope your son has a fab day today.
    BTW did u bake that cake? made a Dora one and it was a hit! LOL!
    Take care and congratulations on 3+ years as parents

    • Haha, unfortunately I didn’t bake that cake, I stole it from the worldwide web… But it does look yummy! No time to bake so I’ll be getting our small cake for tonight and one bigger cake for tomorrow at our local grocery store. I’ve got the dinosaur decorations to put on and my son can’t wait to see them on the cake! There’s something really funny about little kids getting so excited to be one year older!

      I hear you about the sibling companionship. They do get along better now than ever before, and I really hope to see them become best friends over the years.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful comments and thoughtful advice. I’ve read your posts and can understand, given your freshing prose, why you are seeking to use what is an obvious talent. I’ve subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading more. May we both find what we’re seeking. In my mind it’s not if we will, but when we will.

    Blessed, Be. . .


    • Thanks for stopping by, Charles. I really hope you’re able to provide me with good input and guidance along the way. Sometimes, we just need someone to help us see the light and find our true calling.

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