Dear Santa, do you have a boat handy?

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard about the snow storms pounding the North East as well as Europe this past week. Maybe you’ve heard less about the heavy rains drenching Southern California, so here’s a quick weather update for you.

After six days of continuous light, moderate and heavy rain (yes, that means the rain did NOT stop falling for even one minute for six days) in the San Diego area, we finally got a lucky break today. I even saw a ray of sunlight piercing through the clouds for about… 15 seconds! And now the rain is back… How bad can this be, I hear you asking? Bad enough to cause plenty of flooding and several landslides in the area.

We’re lucky enough to live right on the edge of the San Diego River. I say “lucky” because it provides us with lush greenery otherwise rare in the county (don’t let anyone fool you, most of San Diego is a reclaimed desert!). All of that rainwater has to run down to… you guessed it, the river, causing the water level to rise quickly in the past few days. How high? Take a look for yourself with these pictures – high enough to almost reach the park walkway right behind our yard:

San Diego river flooding - December 2010

San Diego river flooding - December 2010


San Diego river flooding - December 2010

San Diego river flooding - December 2010

That’s some muddy water, huh? And plenty of trees underwater… Usually, the water goes as high as the yellow line I’ve drawn on the photo below…

San Diego river flooding - normal water levels - December 2010

San Diego river flooding - normal water levels - December 2010

Santa on a boatSo, yes, seeing the water rise so high and so fast always makes us nervous. I’m even starting to envision that Santa may need a boat to deliver presents at our house this year, not a sleigh… Oh, let’s not forget waterproof boots and a raincoat – those could be handy too.

If the weatherman has it his way (and he’s usually wrong 75% of the time!) we’ll get a couple of dry days around Christmas and the rain will be back on Sunday. So, Santa, if you read this, could you please give us an extra day to dry up and postpone the next storm for a few days? I promise you the weatherman won’t be upset with you if his scientific prediction is off by a day or two!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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5 responses to “Dear Santa, do you have a boat handy?

  1. It never fails to amaze me how different life is for us in the Southern Hemisphere…while you’re dealing with rain and snow on the other side of the world, we’re dealing with hot dry wind and sleepless nights because of the humidity. Santa has to don shorts and t-shirts to get around here! Hope the river stays where it should and have a great holiday.

  2. Happy…dry…holidays.

  3. I hope Santa was able to make it your house, despite the inclement weather. It seems he had to struggle with meteorological issues in many parts of the world this Christmas. And isn’t it interesting that, when New York City gets bad weather, the media seems to forget about the aberrant weather in the rest of the country?

    • I agree, only a few places manage to make national news headlines. When I chat with people across the country about our crazy weather or some substantial earthquakes we sometimes get, it’s often the first time they hear about it…

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