Fisher-Price recalls more than 10 million products: tricycles, activity centers, high chairs and Little People

Fisher-Price High Chairs recalled

Fisher-Price High Chairs recalled

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve heard of a major recall, but here it is! And that’s a massive recall in my opinion – over 10 million items, covering quite a range of baby and young children’s products.

For complete details on this Fisher-Price recall and to see which exact product models are affected, visit the Fisher-Price recall dedicated page on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website. This recall affects the following Fisher-Price products:

– 14 models of Trike and Tough Trike toddler tricycles (kids can get hurt on the plastic ignition key)
– 7 models of infant activity centers with inflatable balls (the valve can come off the ball, causing a choking hazard to babies)
– 950,000 high chairs (children cause fall and get hurt on the leg pegs)
– Little People Wheelies Stand ‘n Play Rampway (car wheels can come off, causing a choking hazard)

Fisher-Price Tough Trike

Fisher-Price Tough Trike

Our household is actually affected by this recall. We own the Go, Diego Go Tough Trike (left) and I just ordered my modification kit on the Fisher-Price website. It was a painless and quick process, but I apparently have to wait 8 to 12 weeks to receive it! Obviously, the Fisher-Price people have never had to reason with little kids who absolutely want to use their toys RIGHT NOW! We have another, more sturdy trike we’d like our son to start using, so this seems like the perfect opportunity!

I was planning to resell the trike when my youngest would outgrow it, but it’s out of the question now, even with the modification kit (it’s illegal to sell or resell recalled products). No biggie, safety first. Check out your Fisher-Price stock and make sure you’re OK too!

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2 responses to “Fisher-Price recalls more than 10 million products: tricycles, activity centers, high chairs and Little People

  1. So many recalls as of late, but this is the 1st that affects us (We have the healthy care high chair).

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