What I love about summer

What to love about summer

As summer is quickly coming and going, I can’t help but think of all of the wonderful things the season brings. We all remember those summer days, when we didn’t have school for months, went on vacation far away from home, and played outside every day without a care in the world. Our adult lives are usually quite different, having to deal with demanding bosses and even more demanding kids!

So before summer is over, here’s a list for the memories of what summer is all about for me:

  1. Taking full advantage of the loooong daylight hours
  2. Waking up when it’s light outside
  3. Smelling the earth as the morning sun warms it up
  4. Being barefoot
  5. Eating outside
  6. Having picnics
  7. Playing outside after dinner
  8. Smelling freshly cut grass
  9. Reading a book outside
  10. Smelling the summer flowers – lavender, anyone?
  11. Savoring ice cream cones, snow cones and popsicles
  12. Gardening and harvesting the fruits of your labor
  13. Eating red, juicy tomatoes right off the wine, warmed up by the hot sun!
  14. Eating summer fruit: nectarines, peaches, grapes, berries…
  15. Making fruit salad, yummy, yummy! Sorry, too much Wiggles…
  16. Eating cold watermelon to cool yourself down. Or cantaloupe, honeydew…
  17. Eating corn on the cob
  18. Not cooking
  19. Vegging out at home in the cool A/C
  20. Browsing farmer’s markets
  21. Listening to the chirping crickets through the open windows at night
  22. Going to the beach and making sandcastles
  23. Wearing summer hats
  24. Drinking ice cold Diet Coke with lemon
  25. Smelling sunscreen on my boy’s cheeks
  26. Smelling our neighbors’ BBQing
  27. Sipping lemon iced tea all day long
  28. Making trips to the pool
  29. Watching the Fourth of July fireworks
  30. Having fun at street fairs with bouncy houses and kiddy rides
  31. Taking a vacation, staycation, long weekends – any break that helps you relax
  32. Enjoying the cool, evening breeze blowing through the open windows
  33. Watching pink sunsets
  34. Trying to catch a glimpse of shooting stars
  35. Never being cold
  36. Mosquitoes – gosh, I was trying to keep them off the list, but somehow they buzzed up at the end, argh…

What’s on your list of summer loves?

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5 responses to “What I love about summer

  1. You must live in a pretty place. Summers where i love suck! It’s too too hot! :o( I love FALL and I’m already counting down. Enjoy the rest of your summer. :O)

    • It does get hot where we live (20 miles east of San Diego) but this summer has been exceptionally cool so we’ve all been enjoying that very much. I’m probably jinxing right now and we’ll get a 100 degree heat next week…

  2. Though I’m looking forward to the death of mosquitoes and humidity, I’m certainly not looking forward to waking up and it being dark out. And I love browsing farmer’s markets w/ the kids. So much fun! This is a great list! If it weren’t for the humidity and mosquitoes, I’d want it to be summer forever.

    • Ah, the humidity of the East Coast, it’s a killer! We’re lucky not to get that here too often in San Diego. We mostly get dry, desert heat, which can make you feel like you’re walking around in a giant oven!

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