How to make a yogurt bunny – a klutzy moment

I have to admit this past week has been one of the most stressful times in quite a while for me. First my son had surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids, which was followed by complications, causing a visit to the ER and a 24-hour hospital stay last weekend. Since then the recovery has been slow and painful, and as a parent you tend to feel so helpless when your child is in pain.

Then, there was work, where things went from bad to worse as the week went on. Steven Slater, the now infamous Jet Blue flight attendant, did something only a few of us would ever dare to do by quitting his job on the spot, in quite a politically incorrect manner. I’m not condoning his actions, but boy, do I understand how you could suddenly blow a fuse and feel like screaming, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

Finally, Friday the 13th came and things started to calm down so I thought I was finally on an upward trend, until Saturday morning came around… You have to know that I’m the officially crowned Klutz of the house, and probably the biggest klutz of the neighborhood. I regularly spill things, drop things, and break things, definitely more often than the average Jane (or Joe for that matter). So in a grandiose finale to a week that will go down in personal history, I experienced some of my best klutzy moments this weekend.

As I opened the fridge and reached out for the milk, I accidentally knocked over a Danimal yogurt bottle that somehow had been placed in the fridge without a lid on (I’m pretty sure I did that…). As the bottle bounced around on its way down, it spilled its contents all over the bottom part of the fridge and on the floor in front of it. I let out a popular expletive as a natural reaction to the mess I just created, when I heard my son behind me saying excitedly, “Mama, look! You just painted a bunny with yogurt! Take a picture for Papa to see!” I looked around and there it was, laying on the rug indeed, a cute bunny head with long ears, unlike the rest of the strawberry yogurt that plastered the fridge and the floor. So here you are, I did take a picture of it. Sure, it’s no miracle as it doesn’t represent the face of Jesus or the Virgin Mary, but I’m still impressed with what came out of that incident.

Yogurt bunny

Unfortunately, my clumsiness followed me around a little longer. Just a few minutes later, I somehow managed to knock over my son’s cereal bowl all over his lap and the floor. All I can say is thank god he eats his cereal dry! And no, I didn’t take a picture of that…

To an overwhelmingly eventful week, here’s a never-too-soon goodbye!

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8 responses to “How to make a yogurt bunny – a klutzy moment

  1. haha! Maybe you can go sell it on Ebay like the piece of toast with the Virgin Mary! :)

    • You’re right, I’ve got to find a way to make some bucks from my klutziness! Just today, when I thought the clumsy trend was over, I dropped a soda cup into a full plate of pasta with tomato sauce. Lovely sight… Thanks for stopping by, Gigi!

  2. LOL! Kids can be pretty creative and know when to turn a ‘bad’ day into a LOL or “awww!” moment.
    Hope your son feels better.

  3. Good job ;-P Not everyone gets to be a “dairy artist”.

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