What can a mom do when her baby is sleeping?

Ah, I remember having my first baby like it was yesterday… The first three months went by like a blur, literally, as I was so sleep deprived that my brain turned to mush temporarily (actually, I’m not sure I got it all back!). At the time, I don’t believe I had any ounce of creativity left in my bones, even though I consider myself a pretty creative person in the first place. My baby son enjoyed taking 45-minute naps during the day, and would stretch his sleep to a whole 90 minutes at a time during the night! Whoever said “sleep when your baby sleeps” never practiced on speed napping… That’s when I discovered that interrupted sleep is worse than no sleep at all. So what did I do while my baby slept? I did laundry, cleaned up around the house, ran some errands, tried to grab a bite to eat, pumped to stock up on breastmilk for the daycare times to come, and caught up on email to not feel completely isolated from the world. That’s pretty much all I managed to do for the first few months – nothing to brag about.

Apparently, if you get enough sleep (or can live without any sleep), you can come up with brilliant ideas to keep yourself busy while your baby naps. Just ask Adele Enersen! If you haven’t visited her blog yet, do so now at http://milasdaydreams.blogspot.com.

Adele has managed to preserve her brain cells in working order after child birth, and for that, she deserves a big CONGRATULATIONS!

Take a look at what she’s managed to do during her baby’s naps, imagining her sweet dreams, creating a unique scene each time, each one cuter than the previous one.

October 22, 2010 update: For those of you who are Anne Geddes fans, she’s got a brand new book out called Beginnings that just came out on October 10, 2010. Beautiful baby pictures! She even created a 2011 Beginnings wall calendar out of some of the book pictures, so check it out!

From one mom to another, I want to thank Adele for showing us that there can be more to naptime than laundry and diaper shopping! I’m looking forward to seeing many more baby dreams on her blog and I hope she can inspire to inspire other moms to create a very special bond with their newborns.

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5 responses to “What can a mom do when her baby is sleeping?

  1. How brilliantly creative is that!?
    What do i do when my baby is asleep? Try and catch up on “stuff”. I never did get the hang of that “sleep when the baby sleeps” thing especially because i’m not a daytime nap person. 18 months later and i’m still sleep deprived. Don’t you just love motherhood!?

  2. Wow beautiful post. And you have put nice blog url with us. Ideas to do things when baby sleeps are really fantastic.
    But what you did was also fine, because you won’t get enough time to do things when your baby is awake. I know about my experience with my half year old cousin .

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