Original Pepsi vs Coke commercial and Coca Cola ringtone commercial

Here we go! For those of you who’d like to take a trip down memory lane, here’s the original version of the Pepsi vs Coke commercial (1995) that was just remade as the Pepsi MAX vs Coke Zero commercial (2010), which I posted yesterday on this blog. Ironically, sometime in between these two commercials, Pepsi obviously had a change of heart and didn’t have the nerve to show its own driver have a sip of the Coke this time around. Hmm, if you think your soda tastes so much better, why chicken out?

If you wonder why Coca Cola hasn’t started its own soda wars commercials after being teased so many times, the answer is plain and simple: Coke is Number 1. Marketing 101 lesson: when you’re the challenger, you often compare yourself to the leader. When you’re the leader, you never compare yourself to the competition or you’ll appear weak. Coke is #1 and doesn’t have to prove it.

 By the way, while I’m at it, I’ll take this opportunity to showcase one of my FAVORITE Coca Cola commercials. Two words: very cute!

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