Happy birthday, little man!

Buzz Lightyear birthday cupcake

I need to thank Food4Less for making huge cupcakes with Toy Story decorations! You’re going to make a birthday boy very happy until his official birthday party next Saturday.

My son is turning four tomorrow, and I honestly have no idea where the past four years have gone. Everything has happened so quickly that it could easily look like a blur. And yet, in the middle of it all, some events are so clearly imprinted in my mind, they could have happened just yesterday…

The first sonogram and heartbeat sound, the first kick, hearing my son catch his first breath and seeing him out of my womb for the first time, the first time holding him and helping him latch, the day we took him home, the first weeks bonding as a new family, his first smile, the first day I left him at daycare to go back to work full of guilt, his first laugh, his first taste of rice cereal, his cute army crawl, the first time he called me (and his dad) “mama”, his first real hug and kiss, his first hand sign (“more”), his ever-expanding hand signs and spoken vocabulary, his first step (run, baby, run!), his first pretend-play with a phone, his first jet airplane ride, the day he met his little brother in the hospital, his first day at preschool, his first friends, his first jokes, his first dip in the pool, his first time on local TV, his first big boy bike ride, and even today, his first day at a new preschool… And there’s so much more to come in the years ahead of us!

Gosh, time flies when you’re having fun, so it’s important to notice and enjoy those special moments as they are kind enough to appear in time. As Mr/Ms Anonymous said it so well years ago, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Carpe diem and happy birthday, little man!

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5 responses to “Happy birthday, little man!

  1. Happy belated birthday to your son! I’m being reminded daily to enjoy every moment I have w/ my little ones – even if that moment may involve being pooped on or waking up multiple times a night.

  2. Happy Birthday little man. Big hug from tata Odile.

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